3 Persuasive Reasons You Should Buy A Motorbike, Today!

In the auto world, there are many people with different opinions. It seems as though there’s a big split down the middle between car people and motorbike people. Each side believes their vehicle of choice is the most superior. Today, I’ll entertain this debate by giving you some persuasive reasons why should buy a motorbike instead of a car:


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Better Value For Money Than Cars

Some motorbikes can be very expensive; there’s no denying that. However, they have an edge over cars because they represent better value for money. With a car, you have insurance, fuel costs, maintenance, tax, etc. With a bike, you have all of this, but at a much cheaper cost! They’re cheaper to insure, and tax on them is often much less too...

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The Little Things That Make Owning A Car A Heck Of A Lot More Convenient

Whenever something new comes to market, it’s always more of a fuss to use. Think about computers. When they first arrived, you needed to have a Ph.D. to use them. Now, even your five-year-old kid knows how to use an iPad. The same goes for cars. On early cars, we had double clutches. And we had to start them like we start our lawnmowers: with a big pull cable.

Now, though, the market is mature, and we’ve gotten a lot of mod-cons that make owning a car more convenient. So what are they?

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Problems Even Experienced Drivers Will Face

We all know about a lot of the problems that new drivers have to deal with. But, there are a lot of issues that even experienced drivers have to deal with as well. These are just a few of the things you might have to deal with as an experienced motorist.

Keeping Your Vehicle on the Road

A problem that never disappears when you’re a driver is keeping your vehicle on the road. Cars are very complex machines, and they need to be treated with the right level of care and attention.

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The Best Advice You’ve Ever Heard About Car Maintenance

As a car owner, you need to make sure you have done whatever you can to look after your vehicles. There are so many things you can do to look after your car. And it’s important you do what you can to look after it as much going as possible. This is the best advice you’ve ever heard about car maintenance so make sure you use it!



Act on Problems Early

The best piece of advice you can use when it comes to car maintenance is to act on your problems early. This is important because it helps you to nip things in the bud. The worst thing to do is leave problems untreated because this is where the problems start. Older cars are likely to develop problems more frequently so you need to try to work out the age of your car...

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How To Turn Your Dream Of Riding A Quality Harley Davidson Into A Reality


Anyone that’s ever loved motorbikes knows that there’s something special about Harley Davidsons. Is it the name? The look? The performance? In truth, all of those aspects and so much more make these bikes stand out from the crowd. And as a motorcycle enthusiast, this is one of the top items on your agenda.

If you’ve always thought about getting a Harley, now is the time to act. Let’s face it; a great Harley model will provide far greater job than any other manufacturer ever could. And here’s how to make that dream a reality in next to no time.

Buy A Used Bike

Generally speaking, nothing beats a brand new vehicle. This is true for both cars and motorbikes. However, this is just one element that makes Harley Davidson solutions just a little bit different...

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Some Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe & Secure


One of the main concerns for any driver is keeping their car safe. This has a number of different elements to it, and anyone who is concerned about their car should take them all on board. If you have come to realise that you could be doing more for the security of your car, then you are not alone. Many motorists come to this conclusion frequently, and it is often accompanied with a bit of a shock. The good news is that there is always something more that can be done about it. Whether you have just treated yourself to a new car, or you are on the market, you should bear these tips in mind. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top tips for keeping your car as secure as possible.

Upgrade The Locks

This is one which not many people think of, but it can make a huge overall di...

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Cheap Ways To Make Your Car Look Awesome

Not all of us want to keep up with the Joneses. But many of us, including readers of this blog no doubt, take pride in their cars. We don’t just want our cars to be all about taking the kids to soccer practice or getting the groceries. We have respect for our vehicles, and we want to keep it that way.

The following post is about the inexpensive ways you can improve the look of your car. You don’t have to splash out thousands of dollars on expensive body kits. Simple tricks will do just fine.


Get Seat Covers

If you’ve ever stepped into an older car, you’ll immediately notice the wear and tear on the seats. If the seats are made from polyester, they may have retained their shape, but they’ve lost their color and are usually stained...

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Three Ways You Can Rely On Your Mechanic Less

If you’re a long time car owner, you’ve probably been looking for more ways to save money. Whether it’s looking at fuel efficiency, deals of parts or whatever else. But have you considered spending less on your mechanic? We’re not suggesting that you just let your car fall into disrepair, of course. Rather, perhaps you should think about getting less hands on. Becoming a more independent car owner is a great way to learn more about your motor and save money in meantime.


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Enforcing the Rules on Your Own Property

Private property owners have the right to determine who has access to their yards and driveways. When illegal parking is an issue where you live, you can keep your property free from this nuisance with services from contractors

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audi rs3

Audi RS3 Sportback: A New Hot Hatch Just Joined The Party

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a secret love for hot hatches. In case you didn’t know, they are powerful hatchback cars. The “scene” first started back in the late 1970s with the birth of the Volkswagen Golf GTi. These days, the GTi is still around – albeit in its seventh generation.

Many car manufacturers have released hot hatches of their own. Some notable examples include the Ford Focus RS and the Renault Clio RS (Renaultsport). But, there’s a new kid in town, and he’s already raised a lot of eyebrows in the motoring community. Let me introduce you to the latest hot hatch at the party: the Audi RS3!


Image Obtained From Wikimedia Commons


The first thing that will interest hot hatch enthusiasts is what lurks in the engine bay. There is a five-cylinder 2...

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