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Finance Rates for New Cars vs. Old Cars

Many people will be fooled into thinking that the finance rates on a brand new car will skyrocket in comparison to financing an old car, however, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Depending on what car people want to go for, financing a new vehicle could in the long run work out cheaper than financing a second hand number. Why? Because of the value depletion with new cars, dealers can’t afford to have them sitting on the forecourt for too long, so offer better finance deals.

The three main options available to drivers to finance a new or used car tend to be a personal loan, buying on hire purchase of a personal contract purchase.

Going for a personal loan is a good option when deciding to finance a new car as banks tend to offer lower rates because the vehicles are worth more; their val...

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BMW 5 Series vs. BMW 7 Series (Used Car Quality)

Regarded as being relatively similar, the BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series are both fantastic cars that live up to the exacting standards of the BMW brand.

One of the most noticeable differences is the size; the BMW 5 series is like the small love child of the BMW 7 series, small, yet perfectly formed.

The cars themselves are appealing to different people for different reasons; some drivers quite simply don’t like to be king of the road in a behemoth vehicle, but still like the appeal of the 7 series, making the 5 series an ideal replacement.

As a rule of thumb, the 5-series tends to be a sporty model which could possibly appeal to those who don’t have a family to ferry round. The car itself is light and nimble, with the trademark level of luxury that BMW is famed for.

The 7-series is a s...

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Benefits of buying a used car

If you’re torn between whether to splash out on a new car or opt for a used one, then we’ve taken a closer look at some of the benefits of buying a used car to reassure you you’re making the right choice. Of course there’s nothing quite like that feeling of driving your brand new car for the first time but if money’s tight then you can still enjoy all the perks of a car without the price tag.

There are so many different makes and models of used cars available today that whatever models you might be looking for, there’s a car for you. What’s more, you no longer need to be plagued by thoughts of a used car being somehow dodgy...

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New Driving Recommendations For Young Drivers

There’s been plenty in the recent press about whether young people will have to wait until 18 to take their driving test, after a proposed change in the law. The government have floated the idea of raising the legal age young drivers can take their test in a bid to reduce the amount of road accidents every year in the UK.

According to the Department for Transport, although young drivers only make up around 5% of the total number of miles driven in Britain, they are involved in around 20% of serious accidents. Plus, sadly statistics show that more than 20% of deaths on our roads involved drivers aged between 17 and 24.

This proposal, reportedly supported by the RAC, not only means young drivers will have to wait an extra year to be able to drive on our roads but they could also face a dri...

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The World’s Most Popular Cars 2013

Britain’s New car sales have been booming this year with over 1.2 million vehicles purchased by the end of July 2013.  And with the introduction of the 63’ plate sales are on the increase.

2012 up to the same point, saw a solid year for car sales, compared to other European countries. The forecast for 2013 new car registrations was raised, 2.216million units have been predicted, which is 8.4 per cent ahead of 2012. So, we can see that car sales are up but which cars have won the coveted spot for the most popular cars, by sales, in the world in 2013.

5. Ram 1500

170,319 vehicles = Sales through June. At number 5, redesigned in 2013, is the Ram 1500.  It has considered by many as the best pickup in the market.  Its interior refinement is unrivalled, bolstered by its 8...

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Quality of used Mini Coopers

When it comes to cars on the road, the Mini Cooper is one that certainly stands out from the crowd; it’s a vehicle that is instantly recognizable and has a funky edge unlike any other.

It’s no secret that buying a Mini Cooper in a brand new state can become quite an expensive affair, especially if people are looking for those little luxury extras that kit the car out. Many people decide that going for a good quality used Mini Cooper is just as good as opting for one fresh off the line, understanding that they may also get to bag themselves a bit of a bargain.

Another great part of buying a used Mini Cooper is that as a car, they tend to hold their value well, meaning that those who decide to sell on in a few years won’t make a really significant loss, giving a real bang for buck elemen...

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What is the best Mazda for you?

A Mazda as a car is good value, no matter what model buyers go for. Each driver has their own individual needs that need to be assessed when buying a Mazda, which in turn means that the best value Mazda for one person may not be the best value Mazda for somebody else.

Those looking for a Mazda dealer in Kent in order to find the best value Mazda for them can visit Lifestyle Europe in Kent, where they will find a massive selection of cars with one guaranteed to suit them.

Whether buyers are looking to purchase a new or used Mazda, one thing they are always guaranteed is the great quality that Mazda offers, something which doesn’t go away with time, no matter how old the car itself is.

Families could be well suited to the Mazda6, a large car that serves as a great practical vehicle for a f...

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Car Sales: Scotland vs. England

As with everything in the world these days, the price the consumer pays very often depends on the location that they buy from; it seems the postcode has the ultimate power over the pound signs.

The process of buying a used car is a hard one; those who are in the market for a car are expected to become overnight mechanics and know the ins and outs of an engine, somehow know what all the jargon means as well as become a top class negotiator that is scared of no used car dealer; it’s a hard job!

However, those looking for a used car in Scotland have a little known trump card; it is known as the cheapest place in the UK to buy a used car, meaning no matter how bad the sales patter is, a bargain is to be had.

At Car Deal Warehouse Glasgow, we understand how important it is for people to get a...

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3 Tips on Choosing the Right for Your Business

Regardless of what type of industry you may be in, there will come a time when safety barriers are essential to keep things safe, organized, and under control. If you’re on the market for safety fencing or barricades but aren’t sure what to look for, here’s where you should start:

Choose Fencing that Can Be Mounted or Temporary
The best safety fencing on the market can be used in a temporary fashion, or it can easily be mounted to a wall or doorframe so that it’s permanently in place. Mounting the safety barrier is ideal as it makes it sturdier; however that may not always be possible (i.e. if you choose to use the fencing to create a temporary line up in a retail shop)...

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