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The Importance of Armored Trucks

In a society where violence is commonplace and material wealth is valued, the advent of the modern armored truck is hardly surprising. However, these vehicles are sometimes much more than a heavy box on wheels. Indeed, some armored trucks are highly specialized, fulfilling unique roles that other trucks don’t. This article will look at the features of some of the more interesting classes of trucks and why they are important to their owners.

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

This particular vehicle is designed for military transport functions, however there are different civilian varieties and classes that have different functions in non-military scenarios for example the Lenco Bear Cat. BearCat is actually an acronym for Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck...

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Reviewed: The All-New Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo is a small city car that the French firm has built since 1992. Renault’s latest model, the “Twingo III” made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show back in March this year.

It is the result of a joint project with Daimler’s Smart Car division, and its styling cues echo this fact. The new Renault Twingo also bears more than a passing resemblance with the Twin’Z concept car of April 2013.

You can now buy the new third-generation model as it went on sale a couple of months ago. But should you buy one? Today’s review will give you an insight into this fresh new model.

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Where Should I Buy My New Car?

If you’re buying a new vehicle then it can be reassuring that you have loads of different places to buy one from. However, this choice can also make your decision much harder. After all where is the best place to buy a new car?

The type of car you are looking for will make a massive difference to the places you should shop. So, before you go out looking for car dealers you need to decide on the type of vehicle you want.

Making A Vehicle Decision

With so many vehicles on the market it can be hard to know where to get started. The best thing you can do is think about what your vehicle is going to be used for and how many passengers you are likely to have. This should at least help rule some options for. For example, there is little point hunting out your local official Jaguar dealer if you w...

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Vital Safety Checks And Servicing Advice For A Family Car

When you buy a car, you also inherit a lot of responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of  yourself and your family. Driving on the road is a dangerous business but you can mitigate some of the perils if your car is in good order. Many people can’t afford to send their beloved charabanc in for regular services, so they have to carry out the servicing themselves. Luckily, the internet affords us a convenient way to investigate common faults with any particular model of car, so we know some of the things that could go wrong.

Maybe you don’t have the confidence to take on repairs, but there is no reason you can’t. You don’t need an extensive toolkit, and you never interfere with any of the safety systems on the car...

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Turn Your Car Into Fort Knox With These Useful Security Tips

It’s a sad statistic that car crime is rife in all parts of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an affluent or working-class area. There will always be elements of society that want to have a car like yours without paying for it.

Some of these rogue characters will steal a car to joyride it. While others are more enterprising and sell the car on the black market or strip it to sell its valuable parts. Car manufacturers have taken steps to improve car security in recent years.

The only trouble is thieves will always find ways of getting around modern security systems. I can’t guarantee that the following tips will prevent your car from getting stolen. But what I will say is that they will make thieves think twice before attacking your pride and joy.



Use steering w...

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Ways to enhance your driving experience

Were always finding our self in our cars more and more. So I have dedicated some post to some of the most popular car gagets to make and enhancing your driving experience. Whether you are driving to work or on a trip these car electronic gadgets are some of the most popular and common devices other motorist have.

Upgraded Car Speakers

If you a huge music buff having a upgraded car door speakers can make a huge difference in your audio system. They’re very cheap to and easy to replace door speakers. When choosing car door speakers you always to invest more money into the front car speakers because they are the vocals. This will make your music much louder and clearer. The rear door speakers are more commonly used for the lower frequencies and bass notes the front speakers can’t hit.


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Common Car Faults You Need to be Aware Of

When it comes to protecting our cars, some of us are a little lacking. Regular maintenance is imperative if you want your car to remain in tip top condition. There are some great ways that you can avoid these issues. But, you also need to make sure that you are aware of these common problems. By being aware, you can take preventative action to ensure that your car does not fail. Let’s face it; if our cars are going to fail, it’s going to be at the most inopportune time. It’s either when you are in a rush or you don’t have the funds to fix the problem.

It’s time to become car savvy.

Here are the top most common car defects and how you can avoid them in the main.

your car


Battery Faults

When the battery fails to operate properly, you know about it...

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Top Mods for a Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the automotive world. The company has stood for quality since day one, with modded versions of their cars appearing in popular films and shows throughout pop culture. There are quite a few mods for almost any model of Mercedes Benz that you can do yourself. You need some garage space to work, but some of these mods are as simple as popping something into place after removing something else. Modding your Mercedes Benz is all about personalization, so choose your mods carefully depending on the car you own.

Top Mods for a Mercedes Benz

Still, there is something about a finely tuned engine running an exhaust system with just enough bass. From beginners to heavy modders, everyone will find something to work on from this list.


Replacing the front gri...

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