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The Best Black Cabs on the Market for Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers must think long and hard before purchasing a new vehicle to add to their fleet. The cars that they drive are the most important asset, as they will determine how successful the business is. In order for a company to grow and develop a positive reputation, they will need to provide a safe, comfortable and efficient journey from A to B. With this, customers will use the company again and recommend them to friends.

There are many great purpose-built black cabs on the market which will tick all the boxes and be an enjoyable ride for both you and your customers. These are the two best in the industry

Peugeot E7

This car launched in 2003 and has transformed the taxi industry...

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How to Personally Maintain Your Car

Cars are a great tool for convenience, but they’re also incredibly expensive to run day to day. This is especially true if your car needs to be repaired. Not only are the parts for cars expensive, but the labour is also incredibly costly. As such, any job that you can do yourself can save you huge sums of money.

Of course, not everyone can replace engines, install a new fan belt or change their gearbox, but there are some things that you can do, and you won’t need any specialist tools. Here are the top 4.

  1. Changing Your Tyres

Tyres naturally succumb to a lot of wear and tear when you drive your car, and they usually need replacing every 25,000 miles or so.

This is simply unavoidable, so it’s important that you properly maintain and monitor them...

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Frugal Car Smarts: Taking Care Of Your Baby And Your Wallet

When it comes to your car, the idea of frugality can make some people nervous. It’s understandable. If you skimp on spending, you’re usually not paying for as good a service. However, that’s not always the case. Cars are expensive. Businesses dealing in cars and related services know that. So they might just take the opportunity to mark up their prices considerably. But you’re not going to let them. Read on.


Image sourced by Guido1982

Do it yourself

There are some jobs that you definitely need a mechanic to handle. But there are plenty of tasks that you can just as easily handle yourself. It only takes a little investment here and there to build up the series of tools you need to get started on your car DIY...

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Rain and Snow is Pain and Woe: Protect Your Car Today!



A lot of us have been worried about the weather recently. There are many who are simply aware that the winter months are incoming. There are others who are more worried than ever about the effects of global warming. And there are more still who are being extra cautious because of recent catastrophic weather events.

There are a lot of your belongings that will be affected by the weather. Of course, you’ve probably already guessed which one of your belongings we’re going to focus on here: your car. A lot of people don’t seem to think they need to worry about it all that much. They see their car as super resilient. Something that shields you from bad weather but doesn’t need shielding itself.

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Did Mercedes Just Make A Car That’s Better Than The Iconic BMW X3?

Mercedes is a car maker that definitely seems to be on the up. In the performance, roadster space, they’ve been asserting their authority in the form of the new AMG GT. And in the electric car market, currently dominated by Tesla, they’ve got some exciting products in the pipeline.

You’d think with all that going on, Mercedes would be content to play second fiddle to BMW in the SUV space. But you’d be wrong.

The idea behind the GLC is to make a luxury compact SUV that can go up against rival offerings. BMW has their X3. Audi has its Q5. And Land Rover has its Discovery lineup. So Mercedes need to find a way to up its game and take on the competition with the GLC.


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So is it any good?

Five Seats, Rather Than Seven

Those in the market for an SUV often want space more...

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Ordering Parts From The Internet Is The Best Way To Shop

If you’re in need of parts for your car, truck, or recreational vehicle, there’s a thousand ways to shop. But which way is really the right way? We’ve all spent many hours in the auto parts store, searching for filters, plugs, radiator caps, and the like. Maybe the parts store has what you need, or maybe it’s fresh out and needs to put in a special order. Who knows how long that will take? Maybe the store does have your part, but will charge you a ridiculous price for it.

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