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The Deadly Signs Your Engine Is About To Die

Often in life, we don’t realize how much we need something or rely on somebody until they’re gone. The same applies to our cars: they’re at the center of our lives, and we’re so used to planning around them that we don’t think about how we’d cope if they suddenly died. As a result, we need to be as well informed and as well prepared as possible to deal with any potential disaster situations. Check out these deadly warning signs your beloved family car is about to die.

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Steam Coming From Your Engine

We often see steam as a big positive. The steam coming from your kettle means that you can now pour your cup of tea; the steam coming from your shower means that you feel all clean and refreshed.

But when it comes to our cars, steam is not so good...

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Expect The Unexpected: Driving Hazards To Watch Out For

All kinds of accidents can happen out there on the roads, and every driver should prepare themselves. Never forget to strap up your seat belt and adjust your mirrors. The modern safety features in cars also make things a little easier. But while you may be prepared for the usual bad drivers and poor weather conditions, there are some driving problems you might not expect.

To be the safest driver you can be, you should always expect the unexpected. The roads can be unpredictable sometimes, but you can always try to make the best risk assessment possible. Here are some driving hazards you might not expect, but should watch out for.

Watch Out For Animals

Credit: Dennis Hamilton

You should be used to slowing down and preventing collisions with cars and pedestrians...

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Keeping Your Car And You On The Road

Ask yourself – what do you do if your car can’t run? Do you lose your job? Are you able to work? In many cases, your car may be your life.

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You don’t even have to total your car in an accident for it to be out of action, pure and simple negligence can ruin your vehicle and stop it working.

Looking after your car is a fine art and must be done often. A number of basic things you can perform for maintenance are listed below.

The tyres of your car need to be changed before they hit 30,000 miles of use. If you think about it, the tyres are the only part of the vehicle that is touching the floor, so every action you perform in the car is affected by the quality and condition of the tyres. The last thing you want is your tyres failing you when you need them.

If you’re unable t...

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Car Crashes Happen; Here’s How To Lower Your Risk

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car you’re taking a massive gamble. If you’ve never had a car accident before, then it can be easy to assume that it’s never going to happen to you. Well guess what? The countless people who are involved in accidents every year didn’t see it coming either! While there’s no guarantees, there are certainly things you can do to reduce your chances of being involved in an auto accident…

Keep Your Car in Good Condition


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When you’re trying to keep your risk on the road to a minimum, staying on top of car maintenance is an absolute must. Most importantly of all, you need to be checking your brakes and tires regularly, as these have a big part to play in a lot of auto crashes...

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