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2017 Jeep Cherokee: The Jeep For The Masses

Despite its potentially questionable name, the Jeep Cherokee is one of the most classic American cars you’re likely to find on the road. Second only to something like the Ford Mustang, the Cherokee has been one of the most classic 4x4s for decades. And now, with the 2017 model, the design that was first brought out in 2014 has been refined to an incredible degree. While many Jeeps might have a reputation for being great for one specific thing, that thing being getting tyre deep in the mud and tackling mountains and valleys, the 2017 Cherokee is a much more dynamic, versatile car that is great for pretty much any purpose you might have for it.


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Safety is one of the 2017 Cherokee’s major selling points. Many people who are choosing the Cherokee are using it as a family car. While the rugged quality that the Cherokee has always had is certainly still there, it’s good to know that you and your family are going to be safe on the road with tires that grip the road wonderfully and a sensitive steering control system. Some may find that this steering control system gets in the way of smooth cornering, but it’s a worthy trade off for those who want some added safety.


The leather interiors of the 2017 Cherokee give it a seriously luxurious feel and the car is packed with tech that will make any drive more pleasant, including an Alpine audio system, 8.4-inch touchscreen, as well as Chrysler’s own Uconnect system, a voice-controlled, in-dash “infotainment” system. There are plenty of cars for sale that have this kind of tech, but there aren’t many that can integrate it into such a luxuriously presented interior. The ride is smooth and comfortable though it does have to be said that the Cherokee is a little lacking in the space department. It simply doesn’t have quite as much room as you might want if you’re planning on squeezing the whole family in.

Getting off the road

Of course, no one buys a Jeep purely planning to do the school run or city driving. While it is comfortably at home on the road, the moment when the Cherokee really shines is when you get it onto some tougher terrain. With the long stand Jeep feature of all-wheel drive, the Cherokee is able to handle evening the most slippery or challenging terrain. With options for both front wheel and 4×4 drive, it’s remarkable just how much control you have over the Cherokee when it’s off-road. And that is made even more remarkable by just how assured and composed it is when you are driving on roads.


The 2017 Cherokee still has a few of the problems that have always plagued this model of Jeep, but they have refined so many of the things that really make it great that it’s hard to hold those things against it. The sheer joy of taking this car off-road and feeling just how responsive and secure it is is enough to make a few gripes over a lack of space, and an overly sensitive steering control system pale in comparison to just how much fun the thing is when you’re behind the wheel.

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