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Car Buying Myths, Debunked

The car buying market has always been shrouded with something of a cloak of secrecy. Whether it’s the car manufacturers and their bending of the truth – we’re talking about you and your emissions, VW – or the tall tales of the used car salesman, the whole industry is full of rumor and supposition. And because of this, a lot of myths come up on a regular basis – in car blogs, forecourts, and even on auto TV shows.

With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at some of the most common myths about buying a car that could be costing you money. Let’s debunk some of the major culprits – and see if you can use some of this relevant info for your next car purchase.

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Custom Whip: The New Cool

Image credit Albert Nunez

Over the last twenty years ‘pimping’ your ride has become increasingly popular.  Whether it is slipping on a set of magnesium rims or going insane with body work, the new cool isn’t all about having that brand spanking mustang anymore, it’s about owning a car as unique as you.

The United States have such a major variety of customised cars, from real old timer classics to new models given some homemade tweaks. 

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Things to Consider When Taking Your Car for an Adventure

When it comes to travelling, there’s no simpler method of getting around than to simply take your car. It can go on roads, it can go off roads, it can go on a ferry, and it can go into the back of a truck. No matter where you decide to go, chances are you can probably take your car there—even if it’s a different country! But going on an adventure with your vehicle can invite some unwanted attention and problems, so here are some general pieces of advice for you to get started.

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Honesty Is The Best Policy: Selling Your Car To A Trader

If you are buying a new car, you will use lots of tips to help you discover the history of the vehicle.  If you are selling a car the same goes for any buyers coming to take a look.  If you are selling to a trader, well they will identify a story about your car from a few tell tale signs that you didn’t even know existed!

As a dealer you will be looking far beyond the obvious mechanics of the car.  You want to gauge some clues on how the previous owner has treated their vehicle.  This will tell a trader a lot more than you imagine.  If he spots uneven lines or a flat spot in the paint, this is a warning that the vehicle has been involved in an incident big enough to involve replacement parts. 

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Finance Your Next Car Purchase Sensibly by Taking Each of These Steps

Finding ways to pay for your next car purchase can seem like a bit of a struggle sometimes. There are plenty of options out there; you just need to approach the task in a sensible kind of way. If you don’t, you could end up putting yourself under severe financial strain, which wouldn’t be a good thing at all. Here are the most important steps to take when financing the purchase of a new car.

Decide on a Limit That You Want to Spend

The first thing you need to do is decide how much money you want to spend on your next car. It’s important to set this limit in stone near the start of the process. Otherwise, you might be tempted to spend more than you can really afford to...

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