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How To Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer

Owning a car comes with a lot of rules that go beyond safety and the law. People spend out in excess of thousands of dollars on their car just buying it, never mind the repairs and insurance that you pay for on top. It’s the goal of almost every vehicle owner to keep their car running for as long as possible without too much spend on repairs along the way.

Cars add 10,000 miles per year to the clock on average and this can vary depending on how much you use your car. Of course, that kind of added mileage is going to put some strain on your car. It’s bound to; a machine is only as good as its parts! Making your car last longer on the road is so important to conserve money on your vehicle. With our tips, you can keep your car running for longer than you anticipated:

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Important Safety Lessons To Teach Your Teenager After They’ve Passed Their Test


As a teenager, learning to pass your driving test is one of the most freedom-allowing activities you can do. Having a little run-around vehicle will allow you to see your friends, to drive to the gym, and to give you a life that you have only dreamt of before. However, your age and your experience demand that you spend this time setting up great habits for the rest of your life.

As a parent, it’s up to you to encourage your child to do the same thing. There are a number of lessons you should bestow upon your child before they start traveling down the open roads. This will allow them to prevent injuring themselves or others in a nasty car accident.

As a young, new driver, their insurance premium is likely going to be quite high...

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Teens Behind The Wheel: What To Choose For Them

For most parents, the moment when your teenage child passes his or her driving license is the beginning of a new world of worries. For a start, there’s the clear sign that your child doesn’t need you anymore to go places: it’s the beginning of their independence. Secondly, in a world where anything could happen at any moment, you’ve suddenly discovered new fears for your child’s safety that you didn’t experience before. That’s exactly why the choice of their first car is essential. You need to make sure that they get the ideal car for their driving needs and abilities. There is no denying that newly licensed teens crash more frequently than older and more experienced drivers...

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Less Cougar, More Beluga: The 2016 Ford Kuga

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With more and more excellent cars hitting the roads, auto reviewers are having to make their testing standards harsher. This unfortunate issue leaves a lot of new cars looking a lot worse than they are. And, this makes the whole market much harder to understand. A great example of a car suffering this fate is the Ford Kuga. This car is the company’s flagship SUV; but, a lot of people are avoiding it. To help you to see this trend, this post will be going over the Kuga, and what exactly makes the car review so poorly. Of course, though, you will have to make the big choice at the end.

Not everyone hates the Kuga. But, most review websites have awarded the car three-stars or below in most of their categories...

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Burning Up the Miles? Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

Summer is the time of year when many people start planning road trips, either in this country or in other far-flung destinations around the world. Regardless of where you are going, any long journey can put a great deal of strain on your vehicle and it can end up being a real test. Before you actually head out on the open road, there are a few simple checks that you can carry out to give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your destination with no major issues. In this blog, we are going to have a look through a few of the most common.

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The Sound Of A Spanner In Your Car’s Works

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In its fundamental role, our hearing alerts us to danger and helps us act before it’s upon us. This is relevant when it comes to many things, including your car. Every car owner knows the distinct sounds their vehicle makes. And, if those change all of a sudden, it could be a sign that you need to spruce up your ride. But, what should you listen for? Well, this is the tricky part, and it changes from vehicle to vehicle. For the most part, you’ll notice an unfamiliar sound straight away. But, here are some areas you should focus on.

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The 4 Biggest Risk Factors For Teen Drivers

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Studies show an indisputable trend of newly licensed teenage drivers crashing more often than older drivers with more experience under their belt. If your teen is close to getting their license, naturally all the statistics and news stories may be weighing on your mind. While we can’t make the roads 100% safe, understanding young drivers’ risk factors can help a lot in keeping your teen safe behind the wheel.

Buckle Up!

It’s a sad truth that teenage drivers generally use their seatbelts far less frequently than older drivers. Though this is such a seemingly simple thing, teenagers continue to have some of the lowest rates for belt usage out of any age group...

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The 2017 Honda Civic: A Safe Haven For Any Road User

Honda has a good track record for producing high-quality cars. For years, they’ve been pumping out cars rivaling even their German competitors. And, this year, it hasn’t changed. One of the primary focal points of Honda’s design is safety. A lot of their cars are designed for families. And, as such, are packed to the teeth with an array of safety gear to make driving a much less stressful experience. But, there’s not much point in just talking about their emphasis on safety; where’s the proof? Well, a lot of it can be seen in the 2017 Honda Civic; in all of it’s forms. Let’s take a look!

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To start, a lot of people will want to know how much the car costs. New, this car could set you back up to $28,000. Of course, that can be expected from a premium family car...

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The New Mazda MX-5 Looks Great, Handles Better

When the original Mazda MX-5 first released all those years ago, it heralded a new era for car lovers. No longer did they have to shell out a fortune to buy an open top convertible. Instead, it was something that even people on average incomes could enjoy. The original car was well-received and became one of Mazda’s best-selling cars in Europe and the US.

Mazda, however, decided that it was going to up its game in 2015 and it came out with the new MX-5, an updated version of the third generation with better looks and a better engine. Not only that, but Maza had managed to keep the price down and appeal to a wider audience than the previous car...

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Tips for Buying a Used Car That Needs Work

New cars are great, used cars can also be great, but a used car that needs work? That’s a different kettle of fish, and there’s every chance that you’ll get more than you bargained for if you jump into the purchase without first understanding exactly how much work the car needs to be road legal. Still, if you know your way around a car and spot a great deal, a used car that requires work can offer a stellar deal that can be more than worth it. In the end, you might find yourself with a great car and also get immense satisfaction from getting it on the road.

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