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Are Superminis Super Safe?

If you spend much of your life out on the open road whether for a work commute, pleasure or family trips, one of your top priorities is vehicle safety. When considering the most appropriate car for your needs, your mind may be immediately drawn to the larger, more rugged looking vehicles. The SUV market has exploded over the past decade to take a leading foothold in the family car market and the executive saloons offered by Lexus and Jaguar have traditionally been relied upon with their solid safety records. But what about the supermini?

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Essential Tips For Getting Into Fast Driving

For as long as cars have been around, fast driving has been a popular driving method. Yet laws have kept this kind of driving in a controlled environment on our highways, and thus many people turn to racing. This is a cathartic sport that requires a lot of skill, so racers are some of the best drivers out there. However, no matter how good at driving a person can be, they can always learn new things both on and off road. Keeping a few of these safety tips in mind as a beginner can make you a better and safer racer. They can even often help with technique on those slower paced ‘normal’ roads.

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4x4s: The Best Family Cars?

As the driver, it’s your responsibility to find a vehicle that perfectly fits yours’ and your family’s needs. The fact is that when it comes to choosing a family-friendly car, there’s a lot more to account for than when buying a vehicle purely for your own needs. Bearing that in mind, for drivers looking for family cars, SUVs – also known as 4x4s – are soaring in popularity, with more and more people choosing these as their vehicle of choice.

SUVs are becoming so popular in fact that manufacturers who have never built 4x4s before are getting in on the act. For instance, Seat had never before made an SUV until late last year when their debut design launched. Alongside vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai, BMW XI, and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, these first generation SUVs are becoming increasingly popular with drivers, as are all SUVs.

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Fan Of Being Frugal? Here’s How To Make Car Ownership Cost Less


As much as being a car owner can give you a lot of freedom, it also comes at a price. For some of us, that price is almost questionable when it comes to the value you get. Because owning a car can be expensive. When you’re a college student or you’re going through a tough financial patch, you may find it hard to justify being on the road. But, don’t let your current costs put you off. There are some really viable ways that you can be frugal and still own a car. So if you want to reduce the amount you pay for being a car owner, let’s take a look at some of the simplest ways to cut your costs.

Bide Your Time

Firstly, you should always make sure you get the timing right when you want to save money. Rushing purchases is a sure fire way to pay over the odds...

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Poor College Students- Here’s How You Can Get Out On The Roads!

College or university can equate to some of the best years of your life. You’re still young so don’t have all of the full responsibilities of adult life weighing on you yet, but you’re old enough to have some independence. And there’s one quick way to gain more of this independence, and that’s by driving! It’s a fantastic feeling not having to rely on anyone else to take you to where you need to be, you don’t have to mess around on public transport, and you can easily socialize and get to see your friends far more easily. But as a broke student, you might be wondering ‘can I really afford a car?’ If you have a part time job or you’re lucky enough to have some help from parents, it may well be a possibility. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to getting out on the road...

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