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3 Reasons To Buy American Cars

For a country that prides itself on being self-sufficient, there’s no doubt that American drivers’ reluctance to drive a domestically-produced car is curious. Statistics have indicated that as few as a third of the vehicles on the nation’s roads are made in the USA.

The statistics are all the more confusing when you remember that large swathes of modern America were built on the back of its motor industry. Criticisms of American cars range from concerns about environmental impact and reliability, but in truth, the same problem impacts almost every car-producing country in the world. There’s no outstanding reason not to buy American cars, and there are plenty of reasons why you should

#1 – The import tax

It’s worth remembering that there are varying definitions of “domestic”, depending on who you ask. For clarity, for the sake of this article, we’re using “domestic” to mean: produced by American workers in American factories.

President Trump has threatened companies who make cars outside of the US with an import tariff of up to 35%. If this statement were to get passed into law, it will make owning a foreign car much more expensive. The tariff is being considered as a way of boosting homegrown car production, which in turn should also help domestic cars become more exciting, innovative, and affordable– especially when compared to the highly-taxed alternatives.

Even if the 35% tax doesn’t pass, the current administration have made it clear they are taking the plight of the American auto industry seriously. By choosing to support the auto industry in the same way, you are — in your own small way — helping the economic situation right at home.

#2 – American quality and innovation is everywhere you look

Although legendary names such as Pontiac and Oldsmobile have gone to the wall, some top American car manufacturers still remain– and they’re doing outstanding work. Ford, for example, are still one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world, while Chevy dealers are selling superb, up-to-date cars like the 3.6l Impala 2LTZ. Add Buick, Chrysler, and Tesla into the mix, and there’s no shortage of talent and ability in the American market.

The concerns over American cars and their environmental performance fails to take account of Tesla’s Model S or Ford’s Focus Electric, while the Chevy Bolt — with its 238-mile range — is the longest range electric car currently in market production. So sure, there are some big gas guzzlers in the American market, but there’s plenty of great, modern, clean cars out there too.

#3 – Maintenance is easier for American cars

Driving a domestic car has always had one clear advantage that no foreign-made car is able to match. If your car breaks down and needs a repair, you stand a fair better chance of being able to source spare parts from American manufacturers. When cars are produced domestically, there is always going to be a more open supply line for spares, which should cut down the repair time considerably. This is definitely an advantage that you may wish to consider taking advantage of, especially if you rely on your car for essential daily travel, and thus can’t afford a long wait while supplies are dispatched from overseas.

To conclude

American cars have plenty to offer the modern driver, so the next time you’re buying, it’s worth looking close to home for your next ride.


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