4x4s: The Best Family Cars?

As the driver, it’s your responsibility to find a vehicle that perfectly fits yours’ and your family’s needs. The fact is that when it comes to choosing a family-friendly car, there’s a lot more to account for than when buying a vehicle purely for your own needs. Bearing that in mind, for drivers looking for family cars, SUVs – also known as 4x4s – are soaring in popularity, with more and more people choosing these as their vehicle of choice.

SUVs are becoming so popular in fact that manufacturers who have never built 4x4s before are getting in on the act. For instance, Seat had never before made an SUV until late last year when their debut design launched. Alongside vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai, BMW XI, and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, these first generation SUVs are becoming increasingly popular with drivers, as are all SUVs.

Makes and models aside, the question is, are 4x4s the best family cars, and if so, why?

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They’re massive (this is a good thing)

The average family consists of two adults and two and a half children (half a child is a weird concept, but that’s what the stats say) – this means that most families have two or three children, hence the need for plenty of space. Cars might be made to carry five people, but smaller vehicles aren’t exactly comfortable – try loading two adults, kids, car seats, prams, and any other luggage into a small car, and you will realize that it doesn’t happen easily. That’s why opting for a larger vehicle is a much better option. You need a vehicle that can carry your family and everything else that needs to travel with you.

They are well adapted to urban life

As well as being good for rural driving, most 4x4s are well adapted to urban life. Modern SUVs are slightly smaller and easier to drive and maneuver than their predecessors, which makes them ideal for urban life. Many of these vehicles are fitted with parking sensors and cameras, that help to make parking even easier. For anyone who’s unsure about whether a 4×4 would make a good family car for in a city, leasing one from All Car Leasing could be a good idea – you can see the vehicles that are available on their website. By leasing a 4×4 before you buy, you can get a real feel for what driving and using one on a day to day basis would be like, and decide whether it’s the right vehicle option for you.

They can be kind to the environment

There’s a common misconception that 4x4s are severely detrimental to the environment. While larger vehicles tend to consume more fuel, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more damaging to the environment than other vehicles. Take the Range Rover Evoque, for instance, for each kilometer driven, 133 grams of carbon dioxide are released. Whereas, the Ford Focus Estate with a 1.6-litre engine produces 137 grams of carbon dioxide for each kilometer driven. Just because a vehicle is smaller in size, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more eco-friendly than a larger design.

They can be affordable to run

For most families, the cost of running a vehicle is a big factor when selecting it. Believe it or not, not all 4x4s guzzle fuel. Many SUVs use the same engines as smaller cars, which means that they can be just as economical. 4x4s might weigh more, and because of this use slightly more fuel, but they don’t guzzle as much fuel as you would think.

The fact is that 4x4s can make great family cars; they’re roomy, efficient, affordable, and most importantly, are easy to drive and maneuver, regardless of the terrain.


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