Car Accident – Top Causes for car accident

Car accidents are common and the consequences are not always good. You may have permanent injuries that need lifelong care or even fatality in serious cases. Although there has been a number of awareness programs to reduce car accidents, the phenomenon does not seem to stop. Let’s discuss some of the most common reason or causes for a car accident. These causes can be easily avoided if you put little extra care and effort while on the wheel.


You might get surprised to learn that distraction is one of the major cause of car accident. A driver who is not attentive on his driving and has focus somewhere else is a distracted driver. In a country like US distracted driving is number one cause for a car accident. Distraction can occur when someone talks on his mobile or use SMS service while driving.


This usually happens on the highway where motorist drive above the speed limits. They tend to go faster than the limit and this may result in the accident and fatality. You as a driver will get very little reaction time if your speed is fast. This will ultimately result in the accident. Your control of your vehicle goes out of your hand when you drive reckless. It is always advised to maintain your speed within the limit to reduce accident.

Skipping traffic signals

There are drivers who tend to skip red lights and other traffic signals while on the road. This will cause havoc on the other drivers who believe you are following the traffic rules. There are stop signs where the drivers are required to stop their vehicles. Sometimes the driver does not stop on these signals resulting in the accident. You must never skip and run away from traffic signs and signals.

Sudden change of Lane or improper turning of vehicle

You are required to go to certain lane and do the following activity as a driver. But if you make a sudden change in lane without noticing fellow driver this will result in the accident. You will put other users in danger while you do such activities. You must understand that there are places and lanes designated for turning your vehicle. You must always follow this simple rule while you decide to turn your vehicle on the road. Check signs where you can turn and drive safely, this will reduce accident and you will not be in any danger.

Driving in the night time

Driving in the night time is difficult. The vision is limited and you don’t know what is waiting for you up ahead. There are drivers who don’t know the use of dipper light and this will create more confusion for drivers. It is necessary to be extra cautious while you are driving in the night time.

There are many other causes for a car accident that we must avoid to have safe travels. Reasons like teenage drivers, reckless driving, and bad weather also can result in car accidents.

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