Caring For Your Brand New Holden Commodore

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There is a reason why the Holden Commodore is one of Australia’s most loved cars. Without delving too deep into its arsenal, it possesses head-turning looks, it is an absolute joy to drive, the only that matches its immense power is its immense handling and the built quality is second to none. With this in mind, we are predicting the 2018 model is going to fly off the shelves quicker than you can say, “Do you any in white?”

Of course, owning a new car, especially one as incredible as the Holden Commodore, comes with the important responsibility of knowing how to look after it. Care and maintenance are just imperative when it comes to helping this car last longer, remain powerful and hold its value.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to care for your Commodore and enjoy its mint condition for years and years to come.

  1. Break Her In Gently

Despite the popular myth that cars these days don’t need to be broken in, we say bulls**t. Every car should be broken in, whether it be the 1917 model or the 2017 one, and the Commodore is no different in our eyes. The good news is, the break in period on this car is only 1000 miles. For this relatively harmless amount of time, just drive how your Granny would. Don’t exceed 55mph, don’t do any heavy loading, no ridiculous accelerating and no heavy braking. We know it isn’t ideal, but by doing this for the first month or so you’re going to reduce the strain on the engine massively.

  1. Get Her Checked At 3,000

The Holden Commodore deserves to be driven like the high-performance car it is, and so we’re guessing you’ll be testing out her abilities as soon as you see four-figures hit your mileage clock. As such, we recommend you get your baby tested at 3,000 miles, just to see how your car is handling the intensity. You may need brake repairs you may not, the same goes with anything else that is affected by performance. This is your new sweetheart and so she deserves to be looked after properly.

  1. Fluid Levels Should Be High

It is so easy to forget about your car’s fluid levels once you start enjoying it after the break-in period. However, checking certain fluids like oil, transmission fluids, brake and steering fluids as well as your windscreen washer and antifreeze levels, will all help you avoid bigger problems down the line, the kind that could take your car off the road. Seriously. Low fluid levels can do serious harm to your engine, which won;t just cost you more but could see your 2018 Holden Commodore feel like a 1988 Holden Commodore. Check them once a month, without fail.

  1. Deep Breathes Please

Just like we do, your car needs to be able to breathe clean air in order to operate properly. That’s why you should put a note in your phone that states, one year from now, your Holden will need a new air filter, or when you hit 12,000 miles; whatever comes first. All sorts of stuff start to clog up your car’s air filter from dust to debris, and that can have a big impact on its performance. Trust us on that.

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