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Car Accident – Top Causes for car accident

Car accidents are common and the consequences are not always good. You may have permanent injuries that need lifelong care or even fatality in serious cases. Although there has been a number of awareness programs to reduce car accidents, the phenomenon does not seem to stop. Let’s discuss some of the most common reason or causes for a car accident. These causes can be easily avoided if you put little extra care and effort while on the wheel.

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Driving Home For Christmas: Safety Tips Every Driver Should Heed

Christmas is just a matter of weeks away, and many of us are looking forward to spending time with loved ones. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of shutting the computer down, getting into the car, putting some festive tunes on and making your way back to the family home for the festive period. Nobody wants a holiday nightmare, so here are some driving safety tips you should heed this Christmas.

Check your car before you drive

If you’re driving a long way or even if you’ve got a short journey ahead, it’s a good idea to give your car the once-over before you set off. Check the tires, take a look at the oil levels, and make sure you’ve got enough gas in the tank...

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Never Do These Things Behind the Wheel

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Cars are dangerous. They’re big chunks of metal that move at high speeds, but because they’re so ubiquitous and so many of us use them to do so many things every day, a lot of people don’t take their potential to maim and kill as seriously as they probably should.

If you know that your car could be a killer, of you or anyone else.and you want to do your utmost to prevent accidents from happening. Here are some things you should NEVER do behind the wheel:

Be Drunk/Drugged

If you don’t want to be in a serious car accident or have to live with the fact that you’ve seriously injured or killed someone for the rest of your life, then quite simply, don’t drive under the influence...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Going Off Road


Looking for a taste of adventure? In the mood for some excitement? Then consider off-road driving. Away from the highways and byways, take to the wilderness in a 4×4 and explore a way of driving that your driving instructor never taught you…unless of course you turned left instead of right and found yourself between a rock and a hard place (literally).

Before you embark on your off-road journey, here are some things you need to know.

You need the right vehicle

You need something that is capable of gaining traction across some of the harshest terrains imaginable. Unfortunately, your Mini Metro just won’t cut it. We recommend the Jeep Cherokee which is built for an off-road adventure, but there are many 4×4 alternatives, whether you buy something new or second-hand.

Take time to pr...

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The Common Causes of Winter Auto Accidents (And How to Avoid Them)

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If you live in an area that gets a real winter; snow, ice, rain, wind – the works – then as a driver, you are more at risk during the bleakest season of the year. During the winter, visibility is often reduced, and the roads are more slippery and more dangerous than they are in the Spring or summer, in particular, which means you need to take extra precautions when traveling, whether you’re driving long distance or simply a few block around the corner.

To help you stay safe this winter, here are some common causes of winter auto accidents, and what you can to avoid them:

Rear-End Crashes

When the roads are slippery, it is much more difficult to stop in a hurry should you need to...

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Losing Your Big Trip Virginity

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There comes a time in every rider’s life where they find themselves in a friend’s garage, the door open, the rain pouring down and a couple of beers on the go as you sit around a makeshift table with a map spread right the way across it. Yeah, you’ve decided to take on your first real trip.

The only thing you really need to know at this point is the power of preparation. It is the thin line of rubber between a good trip and a bad one. Everything else will come with time, trips and experience; it is what makes hauling it across miles and miles and miles of terrafirma so darn addictive.

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How To Save Money When Buying And Running A Car

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No matter your age, gender, or circumstances, buying and running a car is a big expense. Often people pass their driving test years before they buy their first car, simply because they can’t afford to buy and run one at the time. Although buying and running a car is never going to be the cheapest thing on the planet, there are lots of ways of making it cheaper for yourself, meaning that you might be able to get the expenses low enough for you to purchase your own car. Here are some of the biggest expenses of owning a car, and how to make them that little bit cheaper for you:

Buying Your Car

The most obvious expense of buying a car is actually buying the car. The first thing that you need to consider is whether or not you really need a brand new car...

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What Is He Doing?!” Dissecting The Blame Culture In Driving


It is a common part of the standard driver’s makeup; we are all guilty of it. If we ever run into an issue on the road, we naturally tend to blame the other person. It is usually some idiot on the road, or someone that is on their phone, or somebody driving with sheer disregard for the safety of anybody else. But when taking into account our own driving skills and experience, is it, in fact, much easier to blame others than it is to admit that we are at fault when we’re on the road? It is a big question to ask, but remember when you were younger and you found it easier to pass blame than own up to your mistakes? A lot of people have the tendency to blame others on the road for something that wasn’t even the other person’s fault...

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The Collision-Avoidance Systems That Are Changing The Game

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The end game seems apparent: driverless cars. That is where this industry-wide movement has set its GPS navigation system for and the not-so-secret reason is safety. Yes, there are other reasons why autonomous cars make sense, ranging from efficiency to time-saving and a plethora of other exciting prospects. However, it is safety that remains the priority for the simple fact autonomous cars will not get signed off until the safety offering has become flawless.

The good news is, well, this driverless movement has already seen a myriad of high-tech safety features get added to the car’s of today; safety features that are designed to prevent those accidents that hit without warning, happening so fast you are left with a kaleidoscope of fragmented memories about what happened, uns...

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On the Road Again: Back to Driving After an Accident

Many drivers will have an accident or perhaps more than one during their time driving. Some accidents could be the driver’s fault, whereas others might be caused by other drivers or even pedestrians, cyclists, or other hazards. If you have an accident, it can cause you some problems, ranging from injury to the expense of repairing your car. Getting back on the road is often a priority afterward, especially for those who need to drive to get to work. It’s not always as simple as just getting back into your car and driving away, though. There are often a few things you need to do to start driving again.

Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Health

If you’re lucky, being in an accident won’t damage your car much at all...

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