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Ultimate Vehicle Upkeep: From Wheels To Wipers

Your car is your pride and joy. It gets you everywhere you want to go; from work to social gatherings. So why don’t you look after it more? You give your house a deep clean every so let’s consider giving your car the same royal treatment. Without the correct care and attention your car may well give up on you one day. Keep up with these easy to follow maintenance instructions and you’re car’s lifespan will go on longer that you’d ever imagined.

Get Real With Your Wheels

You need to check your tire pressure every month to guarantee asmooth ride. If your tire pressure is wrong it can lead to a whole host of problems, from poor breaking to flat tires. Use a reputable gauge to check your tire pressure and rotate them every seventy thousand miles or so...

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Mistakes Can Be Costly When It Comes To Your Car

Cars are an expensive business. Aside from our homes, they’re often the thing we spend the most money on. Buying a car in itself is costly, but then there are maintenance costs and the price of insurance. It soon adds up! And, once you’ve spent all that cash, it makes sense that you would want to protect your investment. Yet, many of us take unnecessary risks and make foolish mistakes which could lead to substantial costs on top. In extreme cases, that cost may be your car itself. Most of the time, these errors come about as a result of misinformation or carelessness. So, to help you avoid hefty bills, we’re going to look at some of the most foolish ways people sabotage their vehicles.


This one seems obvious, right? Yet, many road traffic accidents still come abou...

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Tired of Tyre Wear?

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Burning through multiple pairs of tyres can soon burn a hole in your pocket. Those that live in rural locations or take part in sports driving are most likely to rip through the rubber fast. You can save money by taking action to make your tyres last longer. Here are just a few strategies worth trying to get more life out of your tyres.

Suit your tyres to the driving conditions

You can limit wear and tear by matching your tyres to the terrain and weather. For snowy and icy roads, winter tyres won’t just give you more grip but will be more resistant against the cold weather. Off-road tyres meanwhile are much better suited for country dirt track roads and fields (recommended if you’re a farmer or live rurally). Remember to only use these tyres for their purpose. Winter tyres

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The Sound Of A Spanner In Your Car’s Works

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In its fundamental role, our hearing alerts us to danger and helps us act before it’s upon us. This is relevant when it comes to many things, including your car. Every car owner knows the distinct sounds their vehicle makes. And, if those change all of a sudden, it could be a sign that you need to spruce up your ride. But, what should you listen for? Well, this is the tricky part, and it changes from vehicle to vehicle. For the most part, you’ll notice an unfamiliar sound straight away. But, here are some areas you should focus on.

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Old Car

How To Make Your Old Car Feel Like New Wheels

From the very moment we buy a car, it becomes our pride and joy, our most prized possession. It looks swanky, smells new, drives smooth and sounds great. But over time, we stop looking after it as much as we once did. We stop taking it to get valeted every week, or serviced every other month, and as such we start neglecting our cars a long time before they are all used-up. To counter this, we have posted a list of ways to bring you car back to life, and make it your pride and joy once again.

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Frugal Car Smarts: Taking Care Of Your Baby And Your Wallet

When it comes to your car, the idea of frugality can make some people nervous. It’s understandable. If you skimp on spending, you’re usually not paying for as good a service. However, that’s not always the case. Cars are expensive. Businesses dealing in cars and related services know that. So they might just take the opportunity to mark up their prices considerably. But you’re not going to let them. Read on.


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Do it yourself

There are some jobs that you definitely need a mechanic to handle. But there are plenty of tasks that you can just as easily handle yourself. It only takes a little investment here and there to build up the series of tools you need to get started on your car DIY...

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The Little Things That Make Owning A Car A Heck Of A Lot More Convenient

Whenever something new comes to market, it’s always more of a fuss to use. Think about computers. When they first arrived, you needed to have a Ph.D. to use them. Now, even your five-year-old kid knows how to use an iPad. The same goes for cars. On early cars, we had double clutches. And we had to start them like we start our lawnmowers: with a big pull cable.

Now, though, the market is mature, and we’ve gotten a lot of mod-cons that make owning a car more convenient. So what are they?

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