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Can You Really Love A Used Car Like A New One?

If you’re one of the many owners who truly loves their ride and treats it like a loved one, then buying used might not normally be your first option. It might be your way of getting a car that might ordinarily be out of your budget, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. But you can get that connection you so crave by making the extra effort to welcome it into the family and to make it yours and yours alone.


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Give it some care

The first step is making it feel like new. Breathing new life into an old car isn’t as hard as you might imagine. For instance, fitting a cold air intake can help you immediately give your engine output a bit of a kick. There’s a good chance that the brakes and suspension systems of the car have seen better days as well...

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How To Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer

Owning a car comes with a lot of rules that go beyond safety and the law. People spend out in excess of thousands of dollars on their car just buying it, never mind the repairs and insurance that you pay for on top. It’s the goal of almost every vehicle owner to keep their car running for as long as possible without too much spend on repairs along the way.

Cars add 10,000 miles per year to the clock on average and this can vary depending on how much you use your car. Of course, that kind of added mileage is going to put some strain on your car. It’s bound to; a machine is only as good as its parts! Making your car last longer on the road is so important to conserve money on your vehicle. With our tips, you can keep your car running for longer than you anticipated:

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Tips for Buying a Used Car That Needs Work

New cars are great, used cars can also be great, but a used car that needs work? That’s a different kettle of fish, and there’s every chance that you’ll get more than you bargained for if you jump into the purchase without first understanding exactly how much work the car needs to be road legal. Still, if you know your way around a car and spot a great deal, a used car that requires work can offer a stellar deal that can be more than worth it. In the end, you might find yourself with a great car and also get immense satisfaction from getting it on the road.

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Tips and Tricks for Buying a Used Car Online

The internet continues to be the most preferred marketplace for shopping for everything, from clothes to homes. If you’re on the market for a new vehicle, you can find a good used car for sale online. Of course, where you search for one plays a role in the quality of the car. It’s important to consider multiple things when you’re shopping around for a used car. You can use the following tips to help ensure you’re getting the best vehicle possible.

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Honesty Is The Best Policy: Selling Your Car To A Trader

If you are buying a new car, you will use lots of tips to help you discover the history of the vehicle.  If you are selling a car the same goes for any buyers coming to take a look.  If you are selling to a trader, well they will identify a story about your car from a few tell tale signs that you didn’t even know existed!

As a dealer you will be looking far beyond the obvious mechanics of the car.  You want to gauge some clues on how the previous owner has treated their vehicle.  This will tell a trader a lot more than you imagine.  If he spots uneven lines or a flat spot in the paint, this is a warning that the vehicle has been involved in an incident big enough to involve replacement parts. 

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Bad Tips About Car Maintenance You Shouldn’t Listen To

You want to be a more responsible car owner, so you’re going to be looking for information on how to make sure you’re taking appropriate care of your vehicle. However, the problem with information is that it is just about everywhere on the internet. Plenty of that information is not going to be very good information, too. Here are a few tips you might have seen that, on second thought, you probably shouldn’t follow.

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Repair Or Replace? Considerations For Dealing With Your Old Car

As much as we try to protect our cars, there’ll come a time when they start to degrade. After so many miles, you may have problems with running your old car. Perhaps it’s just not as reliable as it used to be. With years of wear and tear, you’ll start to ask yourself if it’s time to get a replacement.

But don’t act so soon. There are many things to consider before getting a new car. It can be costly to buy and insure a whole new vehicle. Plus, you might be able to squeeze many more miles out of your current car with a few adjustments. Here are some of the things to consider before replacing your old car.

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

Before you replace your car, you might want to see how much it’s worth...

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Used vs New: Which is the Best Option for Me?

Selecting a new car for you and your family is an incredibly difficult decision. After all, there’s so much choice out there, so where do you even begin? The best place to start is deciding whether you’d like a new or a used vehicle. In this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of each, so you can decide which is the best for you.

New Cars

Pros – With a new car, you get the advantage of being the car’s only owner. This means that you don’t have to consider whether the car has a dodgy history, whether it’s ever visited a chop shop, or whether it has been involved in an accident. Plus, because it is shiny and new, it’s also under warranty, which means that you get ultimate peace of mind because, if anything goes wrong, the manufacturer should fix it for you...

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Buying A New Or Used Car: Which Is Best For You?

It’s hard to avoid the temptation of buying a new car these days. After all, they scream at you through your TV on the ad breaks during your favorite show. Finance packages are practically being given away to anyone that wants one. And, most importantly, you want to show your neighbor who’s the real boss of your street. for more details visit

The trouble is, jealousy and lust never get you the best deal. Common sense does. So, weigh up the following to decide which is right for you. Brand new or used? You decide.

Are you being rational?

First of all, an obvious point, but one that needs making...

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