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Beat Your Mechanic! How To Pay Less For Repairs

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Almost all of us use cars on a daily basis; getting to and from work, going out to social meetings and running various errands. When something is this commonplace in our day-to-day lives, it can sometimes be hard (or at least unpleasant!) to think about the financial burden of it. After you buy the vehicle itself, there’s no end to the money you have to throw at it. Insurance, gas, and all kinds of other costs can cause a massive strain on the wallet of any driver. You may just brush this off as one more inconvenient truth. However, there’s always a way to save! Here, we’ll look at some of the simpler ways you can cut down the cost of car repairs.

In a lot of cases, saving money on your car repairs is a simple matter of getting out of bad habits...

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Three Ways You Can Rely On Your Mechanic Less

If you’re a long time car owner, you’ve probably been looking for more ways to save money. Whether it’s looking at fuel efficiency, deals of parts or whatever else. But have you considered spending less on your mechanic? We’re not suggesting that you just let your car fall into disrepair, of course. Rather, perhaps you should think about getting less hands on. Becoming a more independent car owner is a great way to learn more about your motor and save money in meantime.


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Got Problems With Your Brakes? Learn How To Pinpoint The Cause

The braking systems on today’s modern cars are often complex. They are an essential component of any vehicle. After all; without them, we wouldn’t be able to stop! They have come a long way from older cars of previous generations that used simple drum and shoe systems all around!

Today’s cars have disc and pad systems. And they work with other safety systems like ABS. If your car has something amiss with its brakes, it’s important you get it checked by a competent mechanic immediately.

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Puncture Proof Tires

We often see scenes in action movieswhere thugs put metal shrapnel and nails on the road while they hide on the sidelines waiting for their victim to drive by. Once the victim’s car passes over the sharp objects, the tires are punctured and the car sways out of control forcing the driver to stop. It is then that we see the thugs emerge and empty several rounds of gunshot in the vehicle, ultimately killing the passengers.

INKA armored vehicles fulfill the need of people looking to buy armored vehicles that are completely bullet proof. From the windshield to the tires, nothing can be penetrated by bullets or any sharp object. Our vehicles are set up with puncture proof tires that use a thermoplastic resin structure...

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Ceramic Brake Pads – Are They Worth It?

After outfitting your vehicle with a new set of Ozzy wheels and tyres, you may think you are all ready to hit the track for some superior handling and some impressive times. Unfortunately whether you’re anxious to enjoy racing your new vehicle, or you just want to enjoy driving your luxury vehicle around on its new wheels, you may want to give your brake pads a second glance before doing so.

Here at Ozzy Tyres we see so many vehicles that are outfitted with some impressive and high quality wheels and tyres, but their owners don’t put that same attention to quality and longevity on crucial parts of their vehicles, like the brake pads...

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