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Common Mistakes Truck Drivers Make

When you’re driving a truck, you’re driving a vehicle that’s much larger than most other vehicles on the road. You also have limited viewpoints when it comes to those vehicles, and manoeuvring is completely different to manoeuvering a regular vehicle. However, truck drivers still make common mistakes that can cost their lives as well as the lives of others.

Read on to find out what they are:

Buying Food At Truck Stops
Spending a long time on the road can be expensive, especially if you choose to feed yourself at truck stops. Not only is this expensive, it’s so unhealthy. Take your own food and you’ll save yourself cash and health issues in the long run. Some drivers spend more than $100 per week at truck stops.

Avoiding More Experienced Drivers
Seek out veteran drivers and ask them for tips. There’s a reason they’ve been doing it for so long and there’s a reason they are successful. Take any helpful advice that they can offer you.

Being A Bully On The Road
You should never act like a bully just because your huge vehicle has power over many others on the road. You shouldn’t do anything unsafe, even if prompted to do so by a brave car driver. Many rookie drivers will let the power of driving a truck go to their heads. Don’t let this be you.

Take a look at the infographic below to get an idea of the shocking truck accident statistics as they are today. It’ll give you more of an incentive to drive smart:

credit to cdlknowledge

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