Common Transmission Problems In Your Vehicle

One of the most important parts of any car is its transmission system. An automobile will either be loaded with automatic transmission or manual transmission. The basic difference between the two lies in the operational method of both as in case of automatic transmission, the driver prefers to make only three shifts whereas there are a total of six shifts in manual transmission. Diagnosing a transmission problem is anytime easier than fixing it as your car suddenly starts showing signs of slamming and grinding.

Why does it occur?

Transmission issues in vehicles can occur due to innumerable reasons. At times, we might not know what exact cause was for the breakdown of our vehicle but all you might know is how to cut the time of diagnosis and get your vehicle started. In fact, it is best to look at signs of transmission problems in your vehicle before it leads to some major destruction to your vehicle. This is a good post about transmission warning signs that have been published by expert mechanists online.

Here is a small list of transmission problems witnessed by the repair specialists over many years.

  • Bucking or shaking sensation- sometimes your cars start creating a shaking sensation as soon as they travel at highway speeds. It may lead to a poor engine tune and needs an expert help who can fix the malware.
  • Leakage- many times your cars leave behind a pink spot of oil on the road after you take it out from the parking lot. It may be a sign of trouble for your car as transmission can occur from about 20 seals which may require many service processes. A transmission low in liquid is almost equivalent to an engine low on oil which may fall out of order any time.
  • Burning smell- leaking fluid or an overheating transmission can mainly occur due to a burnt odor. It is important to get your vehicle checked by some expert mechanic as a drop in your transmission liquid or your engine’s oil can be the reason for a fire in your vehicle.
  • Engine light- mostly transmissions in your vehicles is computer controlled and all vehicles bear an engine lights which warns your prior to any transmission problem in your vehicle. The light is sensitive to any problem in your vehicles and starts blinking to show you signs that it’s time to get your vehicle checked.
  • Slipping- during slipping even if the engine is revving still full power is not able to get to the wheels. Slipping is a type of transmission malfunction that surely can’t be ignored.
  • Reverse- the time of delay experienced by your vehicle once you put your gear in reverse direction is also a type of transmission malfunction. This delay can occur due to many reasons like a failing clutch pack, fall in fluid level or engine oil or a need for adjustment in the transmission seal.

Most people ignore these common signs of transmission problems and therefore end up spending huge amount of their salary on getting their vehicles repaired. You need to start paying attention even to the smallest problems witnessed in your vehicle and get them fixed before they turn out deadly for your vehicle.