Contacts That Every Road User Should Have Stored In Their Phone

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When you come into trouble on the road, you will usually find yourself wishing you had the relevant contacts already saved or stored away. Whether close to home or further afield you will tend to break down in the most inconvenient places where there’s no internet access or signs of civilization to do a quick Google search for the relevant help. So save yourself the hassle and make sure you know who to contact, for what situations and their contact details. Here are a few you should consider.
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Vehicle Recovery

So, you’re stranded. You should have a vehicle recovery plan set up with a reliable company who can come to your rescue as soon as you call. Different plans will offer different services. So make sure you’re signed up to the best that your budget can allow. Ideally, you will have a plan that picks you up and allows you to be dropped to your original destination. Alternatively, if it’s late, some companies will offer to cover overnight accommodation. Also, check what happens with your car once you’ve been taken from the vehicle. Will they just tow it to a safe place? Will it be taken to a good quality for repairs? Will there be an extra fee for long distance transport? Once you’ve settled on the best options to suit your needs, make sure that you stay on top of the payments. There’s little more frustrating than calling your recovery service, only to find that you’re not covered because last month’s payment bounced or was rejected by your bank.

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A Repair Guy

When you have minor damage to your car, you might prefer to fork out for it to be fixed yourself than to claim on your insurance and face losing your no claims bonuses. So make sure you have a confident, qualified, fairly priced car mechanic in your contacts. They’ll be able to fix up little problems quickly and for a relatively low price. It’ll look like nothing ever happened and your bank account won’t show serious damage from the exchange either! A mechanic will also be able to help you out with general services, such as your MOT. So build a good working relationship with them. You’ll both benefit from each other’s loyalty.

Your Insurance Provider

If you’re going to be sat waiting for a recovery vehicle for a while, you might as well be productive. Make sure that you have the general contact number for your insurance provider. You’ll be able to start making arrangements for your claim. Whether this is just finding out what you will need to supply or submit or actually beginning the process itself. Start early while memories of the incident are fresh. It can also help you to gather any necessary evidence before it is cleared away. This might be photos of damage to your car or another’s car. Be proactive in the process, so that it can be carried out and completed trouble-free and as smoothly as possible.

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