Don’t Let Summer be a Bummer – Prepare Your Car!


The blazing heat of summer is often seen as the perfect time to hit the road. But your car may not be as prepared for the temperature increase as you might think. Because winter is so famously unpleasant, bringing rain and snow that present really obvious risks to drivers, we’re usually exceedingly grateful to see the back of it. But this tends to blind us to the fact that summer brings its own problems!

Don’t just assume that just because your car made it through the winter that it can definitely make it through the winter. It’s not just about the brute toughness of your car; the problems you can experience with excessive heat are very different to the ones you may encounter when the temperature is low. Make sure your car is ready for the upcoming heat of the road by taking this guide into account.

Air conditioning

The first thing that popped to your mind? I’m guessing it was the air conditioning. The interior will get hot and stuffy if your cooling and ventilation systems are inadequate. Too much heat will make you feel uneasy and dizzy out there on the road, and they’re really the last things you need! Strong air conditioning is a must; don’t rely solely on open windows.


Cooling system

The heat is also going to affect your cooling system. A lot of drivers don’t perform adequate checks on their coolant levels at any point in the year; and during hot weather, you should really be checking it out at least once a week! Ensure that the coolant levels are optimal. Make sure that the cooling fan is functioning properly. If the system overheats, this could spell catastrophe for your engine. If your engine becomes affected by this, this getting it fixed could be very expensive indeed.

Expert assistance

Because summer makes it more likely that you’ll see overheating problems – not to mention that fact that most car accidents take place towards late summer (not in winter, as many people assume) – you need to ensure you have a plan if something goes wrong. If you need professional assistance, you can look into getting help repairing your car here. You should also ensure that maintenance is kept up during these months; it can be easy to miss major issues otherwise. People are more complacent and less observant about the health of their ride during summer!



Have you ever touched a road when the sun is blazing during summer? It often feels like you could make toast on it. What you may not realise is that the temperature of the road affects how your tires operate. The rubber of your tires is affected by increased heat; the usual effect is a negative one, affecting speed and handling. There are tires out there that were created specifically to handle hot roads during summer; they’re generally made with softer rubber, which works much better against a hotter surface that the really tough stuff. Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more likely to suffer a tire puncture!

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