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Don’t Take Driving Tips From These Celebrities

Celebrities may have many things we don’t have, and somehow, this gives them the idea that they can drive more recklessly than the rest of us. Ok, so some of them don’t go out with the idea that they want to cause thousands of dollars (usually more) worth of damage. However, some of them have a track record that you just can’t ignore.

Take a look at the following celebrities, but don’t take any driving tips from them:

Kylie Jenner

We’re not here to talk about whether Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not. Apparently after 18 days of having her driver’s license, she caused a massive 3 car collision. She was only 16 at the time, but she caused terrible damage to her Mercedes, as well as two other cars on the scene in LA. She hit the back of a Toyota, which then hit a Subaru SUV. She did get out of the car and make sure everybody was ok, and she hasn’t been in trouble since, so we could potentially let her off. Seriously though, is she pregnant or not?


The Rock

You just can’t get away from The Rock these days. The star of Moana, San Andreas, and Jumani detailed an accident he had using his Instagram page. He explains he was driving his truck, and upon hearing a loud noise realized he had destroyed the side mirror off another truck parked in the street. Dwayne Johnson (you know, his real name) then went back to face the owner, who he assumed would be mad at him. However, the owner was just happy to meet The Rock, wasn’t mad at all, laughed about it, and even refused to take money to pay for the damage. Just remember, you’re not The Rock, people will be mad, and you will have to pay.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been somewhat of a public figure for years. If she’s not creating an explicit video she’s being put in jail for a few hours. She’s never been a great driver – how about the time she backed her Range Rover into a parked Civic and drove away? You wouldn’t be mistaken if you thought she’d been involved in a few DUIs either. You may be able to contact Colleylaw.net to help you out of a sticky situation, but the fact remains; you’re not Paris Hilton. You’ll go to jail for a lot longer if you do some serious damage, so don’t risk it.


Amanda Bynes

It’s no secret that Amanda Bynes has been through some stuff in recent years. She’s been in trouble for DUIs, sideswiping an actual police car, driving with a suspended license more than once, and even being high while driving. She won’t think twice about leaving the scene of an accident she caused, either. It started off when she simply got in trouble for talking on her cell phone, and things progressively got worse.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck knocked a side mirror off a parked car while driving down the street, much like our friend The Rock. However, the driver wasn’t around, so Ben left a note explaining he would cover everything.

Although many of these celebrities did the honorable thing, things could have been much worse!


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