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Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Truck Driver?

One of the most sought-after careers for some people is one that involves driving. Drivers often have a passion for the open road, the freedom of busting out of the four walls of an office building and a thirst for adrenaline. Each of these things can be achieved with a career that requires you to drive. It makes sense, therefore, that looking for a career as a truck driver is the right pathway for you. Understanding what qualities that you need to have to be a truck driver is the first step for most people, so we’ve put together some of the things you need to have about you so that you can be successful in your chosen path.


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It’s not a career path that is for everyone, as it takes some pretty steely nerves to be able to endure how boring it can be to sit and drive long-distance. If you’re the sort of driver that feels the need to stop every so often, then driving trucks is probably not going to be for you. There is an element of patience in the career of a trucker, as there is a lot of sitting and waiting involved in the job. Once you spend time on the road, you then have to wait for loading up and unloading at various places. Lack of patience and road rage tends not to have much of a place when you’re driving long distances. You may well have had an affinity for cars and trucks from, and that’s a good thing. Being passionate about the vehicle you’re driving for a living is a great start, especially if you have a prior knowledge on what happens when a truck breaks down on the road.

Of course, the company who will employ you will ensure you have fantastic insurance, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing the ins and outs of how a truck works before you get going. Your safety can often depend on fixing an issue with your truck that makes itself known on the road, and those who choose to move into a career in driving need to be especially safety conscious. A truck isn’t just a huge car. It’s not just another set of wheels on the road; it’s a huge machine with many working parts, loaded with other heavy things. You have to be conscious of yourself, the way the truck is moving, the noises it’s making and the other drivers on the road around you. Part of being a good truck driver is having an excellent work ethic. Keeping yourself motivated to keep moving isn’t the easiest and it’s the biggest challenge on the road itself.
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Physically, you need to be in good condition. You obviously won’t need to be built like a bodybuilder or athlete, but you will be sat for very long periods of time and regular health check-ups is a smart idea and part of working on the road. With very little physical activity aside from assisting with unloading and loading, you need to be able to sit for long periods without risk of heart attack or conditions like DVT. Average physical ability is part of the job, and you need to keep on top of your hydration and food intake without overeating. Part of keeping your health in check is remembering that alcohol and drugs are a huge no-no. Many trucking companies opt for random drug and alcohol testing to ensure their drivers aren’t breaking health and safety rules. It’s not just for your own safety, but for others and the reputation of the company you are working for.

Alongside having decent physical health, you need to have a clean driving record. Your background will be looked into before you get the job, and any company worth its salt will want to ensure you are not a liability before they put you into one of their vehicles. A crash in a truck is an awful lot more expensive than one in a car, and if you have a record of being reckless with your driving, or disrespectful of the rules of the road, you will not be able to find work. There are certain offenses, such as felonies, DUI and tax evasion that can mean there is never going to be any help for you on the job front, so living a clean and crime-free life is essential.
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When you decide to look into a career as a driver, you need to first look at your personal situation and judge whether the career itself will be a good one for you. If you are married or have children, think twice now before you put in an application to your nearest depot. The divorce rate among the truck driving community is very high, as the pressure of being away from the family home for hours and days at a time can be too difficult for most families to bear. You need to know whether your family can bear the weight of you being gone for a length of time, and whether your spouse and children and manage their day to day life without you as a support. Sure, you’d provide a good income, but it’s not the same as presence.

Before you can think about applying for trucking jobs, you need to ensure you have a commercial driver’s license. If you don’t have one of those, you’ll be qualified enough for pizza delivery and that’s about it! Make sure that you apply to more than one company, and don’t apply to anyone before checking their credentials and background first. It’s important to remember that you aren’t just being interviewed by them, you are also interviewing them to ensure they are the right company for you to work for. Your future in the truck-driving world is going to greatly depend on the company you choose, so go for those with good feedback and references by their current drivers. It’s not a career for the faint of heart, so good luck on your new career path!

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