How Does Being A Parent Change Your Car?


things happen which mean you have other responsibilities, like becoming a parent.

Being a dad doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your beloved motor for good. Indeed, you’re still a petrol head at heart, and that will never leave your soul. Still, there are changes you will have to make for the good of the baby. Some are obvious, and others are more obscure, but they all happen.

And, if you don’t want them to drive you around the bend, you have to accept them wholeheartedly. Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting.

Major Enhancements

There are certain changes you will have to make to be able to drive with your child. This isn’t hyperbole: it’s the law. A child seat, for example, is a legal requirement because small babies can’t lift up their heads. Adding a seat might seem easy, but you’ve never come across a baby seat before. These are big, bulky chairs that take up most of the backseat. Then, there’s the fact that they dig into the driver’s seat because they are so long. Quite simply, you’re going to need a lot of room to fit it in the car in the first place. That means getting rid of anything that you don’t need, including the garbage that you keep as a reminder of your younger days. Don’t forget about sun blockers too because babies’ eyes are sensitive to light.



A car seat is just the beginning. Kids have so much stuff that it feels like you’re moving home every time you leave the house. But, it’s better to have everything to hand in the case of a full-blown meltdown. To carry all the essentials, you need to make space in the car. The backseat is off limits as the baby seat doesn’t allow much room for maneuver. So, it’s time to check the trunk. For guys, the trunk is left to its devices. It’s the part of the car that doesn’t need any attention because storage isn’t that important. That’s all about to change. Regardless of what you have in there, it needs to go. Yep, that includes the expensive subwoofer and your collection of ‘banging choons.’



Everywhere you go, you’re going to need the car. As a parent, it’s much easier to strap the kids in and take off than it is to use any other form of transport. The only problem with this is the rise in running costs. Kids are expensive, which means money might be tight. It will get even tighter if you have to drive a gas guzzler around town every single day. Although it doesn’t seem less expensive, the best option can be to trade in your old car for a new one. With the help of, you’ll save a fortune. The reasons are simple. For starters, newer cars are greener and more fuel-efficient. As a result, you won’t need to waste money on excess fuel. Plus, trading your old car can dramatically cut the cost of a new motor. Saying goodbye to an old friend isn’t easy, but it is necessary when you become a parent.


You might not bother about your safety, but you have to be extra vigilant when you have kids. Even the slightest accident can have major consequences, so a secure car is essential. There are two options: buy a new one or upgrade your current car. Anyone that wants to buy a new model needs to take a look at for more info.  A little tip: anything by Toyota is always a safe bet. Upgrading your car is a little different. You can start by maintaining it on a regular basis. Whether your car has the latest mod cons or not doesn’t matter if they don’t work. As far as additions go, the brakes are the most likely culprit. Average brakes are fine, but they don’t work as well as disk or cylinder brakes. New seat belts can also be the difference between life and death.



No, becoming a parent doesn’t mean you get to mix in the same circles as Lionel Messi. In fact, you won’t be mixing in any circles for a long time thanks to a hungry child and plenty of restless nights. When you do leave the house, you can look forward to a messy car. Yep, kids are wrecking balls that have zero respect for cleanliness. So, as soon as they sit down, something will mark the seats, the windows, or anything else they can reach. Sure, you can clean up after them on a regular basis, but what’s the point? They don’t listen, so they’ll only continue to be a cute ball of untidiness. As a parent, you’re better off accepting that your car will never look clean or tidy again. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it could take eighteen years before it’s yours again. Even then, they might pass their test and want to go on the insurance. That’s a thought to keep you up at night! Don’t worry; it’s a long way off yet.

It’s Not About You

Unless you didn’t get the memo, all of the above would mean one thing. What they mean is that your car isn’t yours any longer. You will drive it, and you’ll pay for it every month, but you won’t truly own it. Nope, as a dad, you’re about to become a slave to a tiny person that can’t yet speak. Do you want to know the weird thing? You won’t mind one bit. There isn’t much that can make a car lover lose focus, but a child tops the list.

It will be annoying and frustrating at times, but it will be well worth it in the end.


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