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Just Keep Trucking: Tips To Safer Driving

Being a professional truck driver comes with a lot of responsibilities, not least your own safety. That it is so important you keep up to date with the latest safe driving tips, tricks, and techniques. All too often professional drivers tend to push safety to the back of the queue in favor of meeting the demands of their job, such as time. But it is always better to be ten minutes late in this life than ten minutes early for the next.

Always Be Alert

Being completely aware of your surrounds is going to be the biggest asset you have when it comes to avoiding an accident. That means keeping an eye on what is ahead – far ahead – as well as what is going on in your mirrors and blindspots. Another way in which you can improve your awareness, and your ability to avoid an accident, is to always have an escape route planned, something that requires you to be aware of what’s in front, behind and on either side of you at all times.

Don’t Change Lanes

It is one of the golden rules of truck driving, but stay in one lane for as long as possible. The reason for this is, changing lanes in a large rig can pose a big risk to you and other drivers simply because blind spots become increasingly hard to see. If you do have to change lanes then, the experts at, explain that you should do so very carefully, making sure that you check your mirrors throughout the process. Changing lane increases the chance of an accident compared to staying in your lane, it will also help your case in court should any accident occur.

Take Regular Breaks

Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of accidents in truck driving. Driving for long hours can have a huge affect on your concentration and reaction times. That is why you should schedule breaks for every couple of hours. Get out of the cab, take a walk and have a stretch. What’s more, use this time to perform a quick maintenance check of your vehicle too, and ensure you have the right tools available. The usual things to look out for are flat tires, air leaks and any drips, either coolant of fuel.

Slow Down

Big trucks don’t slow up or handle like cars. They are big, bulky and extremely heavy, all of which adds to their poor handling and maneuverability at high speeds. As such, it is always better to take it steady than to inch up on the speedometer. When it comes to cornering, and approaching ramps, it is especially important that you watch your speed and drive with care. It really doesn’t matter if you hold a small segment of traffic. Driving with care and control is a responsibility you must uphold.

Leave Room At The Front

The more room you leave between you and the vehicle in front, the easier it will be to get out of trouble should they slam on the brakes. The bigger the buffer you leave at the front of your truck, the less likely it will be that you get caught in an accident. Research gathered by shows that, if something is to occur on the roads that requires you to react, it is likely to happen in front of you.


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