Mistakes Can Be Costly When It Comes To Your Car

Cars are an expensive business. Aside from our homes, they’re often the thing we spend the most money on. Buying a car in itself is costly, but then there are maintenance costs and the price of insurance. It soon adds up! And, once you’ve spent all that cash, it makes sense that you would want to protect your investment. Yet, many of us take unnecessary risks and make foolish mistakes which could lead to substantial costs on top. In extreme cases, that cost may be your car itself. Most of the time, these errors come about as a result of misinformation or carelessness. So, to help you avoid hefty bills, we’re going to look at some of the most foolish ways people sabotage their vehicles.


This one seems obvious, right? Yet, many road traffic accidents still come about as a result of reckless driving. Some people assume anything is safe, as long as they aren’t swerving across lanes and driving at high speeds. But, careless driving comes in many more guises and is often caused by road rage. Be honest; how many times have you attempted to intimidate a car that’s bothering you?

A recent video showed other drivers watching in horror as a motorcyclist kicked a car door. The car veered across lanes in an attempt to hit the bike, causing a massive pile up while the bike carried on its merry way. Displays like this are exactly what we mean. They’re dangerous, not only for you and your car but for others on the road. Worse, your insurance isn’t going to pay out when you’re so obviously in the wrong. Rise above the rage to save your car and your money.

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Any car owner should take the time to know their vehicle inside and out. That includes knowing everything there is to know about motor oil, as discussed on this website. If you don’t know what type of oil your car needs, you could see yourself in big trouble. One drop of the wrong oil can send an engine into melt-down. Make sure to do your research, and know what your vehicle needs!

And, it’s not only getting the right oil that matters. You also need to know when that oil needs replacing. This varies from car to car, so do a little research. Not changing your supply on time will damage your engine components, and cost you more in fuel.

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While we’re on the subject of maintenance, it’s also important you check your tire pressure. Unlike oil, which should only need changing every 10,000 miles at the least, your tires need checking every two weeks or so. Losing tire pressure happens, and it’s no big deal. But, if you let the problem go unchecked, you’ll again be using more fuel. Plus, in the long run, it’ll cause massive damage to your tires. Topping up pressure is a lot easier than buying a whole new set of wheels!

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