Motorcycling Mistakes Commonly Made By Inexperienced Riders


Motorbike ownership is something that many road users think about on a regular basis. Frankly, there’s no doubt that a great motorcycle can enhance your motoring habits greatly. A bike can increase the fun, reduce the running costs, and remove the hassle of sitting in traffic jams. Still, it would be wildly inaccurate to think that switching from four-wheel to two doesn’t require extra attention.

Unfortunately, many inexperienced bikers are guilty of falling into avoidable traps. Here are some of the key items to look out for.

Buying An Inferior Model

There are many reasons to buy a motorbike, but the financial rewards are certainly among the biggest attractions. With this in mind, it can be tempting to choose the cheapest motorbike that you can find. In truth, however, this could result in paying a lot more money in the long run. Moreover, your relationship with an inferior bike will never match the bond with a great one.

Whether finances are an issue or not, getting value for money should be a key focus. Opting for the used marketplace is easily one of the best ways to make your cash work harder, which can open the door to a better quality of bike. Experts at Texas Best Used Motorcycles specialize in helping riders find the best model for their needs. Better still, using a reputable dealer comes with reassurances that private deals don’t bring.

The other option is to buy a brand new bike from a cheaper manufacturer. While there are several great cheap models out there, they generally speaking tend to suffer problems far sooner. As long as the used bike is in great condition, going for the better model is the better solution. Besides, the excitement of riding a new vehicle soon dies down.

As a rule of thumb, a great motorcycle is cheaper than a great car. Likewise, a bike has the ability to offer a far greater level of fun. Most riders still need a four-wheel vehicle for other activities but why not go for a more modest touch there? Leave the more exciting road usage for when you’re on two wheels.

Not Taking Safety Seriously

The importance of safety should not be ignored by any road user. Still, the statistics show that, as a percentage, motorbike riders are more likely to encounter accidents than car drivers. While some of the stories relating to this aspect of biking are ridiculous, it mustn’t disguise the need to take extra care.

Gaining the motorbike license is great, but you may benefit from extra courses. This is especially true when you haven’t been a car driver for long. If nothing else, the confidence gained from knowing how to handle situations will make a noticeable impact to your time on the road.

It’s equally important to appreciate the differences between four wheels and two. Bikers can often find themselves in very stressful situations. Thankfully, being prepared for them reduces the chances of them causing major damage. Given that it’s your health at risk, overlooking those features simply isn’t an option.

Perhaps the most common mistake made in this area, however, revolves around biking attire. A comfortable and suitable helmet is an essential purchase while protective leathers and biking suits are vital too. Not buying those products is the worst mistake you’ll make, but choosing used and worn out solutions can be just as dangerous. It simply isn’t worth taking the risk.

Ignoring Issues

Motorbikes are vastly different to cars, yet they still share many common features. One of those aspects is that they require a little TLC in order to maintain their health. All vehicles will encounter wear and tear over the years, and motorcycles are no different. Quick identification and responses can prevent snowballing damage, which will save time and money in the long run.

It certainly pays dividends to take extra care with simple maintenance tasks. These can include maintaining healthy tires, chains, and general performance. Nonetheless, a lot of jobs require a professional touch. Experts like Qwik-Bike Motorcycle Repair can fix faults before they turn into something dangerous and costly. This is a smart move for the sake of your sanity, health, and bank balance.

Bike upgrades aren’t always related to the performance. Sometimes, it’s simply a case of adjusting a ride to suit your preferences and need for comfort. A new seat cover or handlebar grips can make all the difference. They may seem like minor details. But any potential distractions during rides will ruin your happiness and could even put your safety at risk.

Prevention is the best form of protection, even when thinking about preparations for crashes. A suitable insurance coverage will provide a safety net should the worst happen. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you follow the right protocols if a crash happens. Call the experts and exchange details with the other parties. Letting the issue slide is something many riders do. The vast majority will regret it.

Not Getting To Know The Bike

The old saying suggests that you never forget how to ride a bike. While this might be true, it’s imperative that you gain that education first. Once again, gaining your license gives you a foundation of knowledge. Going the extra mile is the only way you’ll truly master life on two wheels, though.

Different bikes carry unique properties and traits, so getting used to your exact model is vital. Meanwhile, these common riding errors should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you’ll be left to cast a very frustrated figure as unlocking the true potential of the bike becomes impossible.

Theoretical learning is always a good thing, but you cannot buy experience in this life. As such, taking the bike out for a few extended rides is particularly important during those early months. Whether it’s city driving or taking on some of the best road trips that the country has to offer is up to you. Nonetheless, the latter should provide plenty of magical memories that will help you fall in love with life on two wheels.

Internet forums and local discussion groups can help you learn even more about the bike. No two riders are identical, and you may feel that your habits will not must those in-depth findings. Nonetheless, a little knowledge goes a long way as a motorcycle rider. In many cases, it can aid your appreciation of car driving too. Given that buying a bike often indicates a loss of love with cars, this in itself is hugely rewarding.

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