Never Do These Things Behind the Wheel

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Cars are dangerous. They’re big chunks of metal that move at high speeds, but because they’re so ubiquitous and so many of us use them to do so many things every day, a lot of people don’t take their potential to maim and kill as seriously as they probably should.

If you know that your car could be a killer, of you or anyone else.and you want to do your utmost to prevent accidents from happening. Here are some things you should NEVER do behind the wheel:

Be Drunk/Drugged

If you don’t want to be in a serious car accident or have to live with the fact that you’ve seriously injured or killed someone for the rest of your life, then quite simply, don’t drive under the influence. You might think this won’t happen to you and, at worst, you’ll need a good DUI lawyer like the ones at, to fight your corner, but you’d be wrong. When you’re under the influence, you aren’t exactly the best judge of how able you are to drive, and there is every chance that you could do something serious as a result!

Allow Yourself to Get Tired

If you’re seriously fatigued, then you have no business being behind the wheel. When you’re really tired, it can be as bad as being drunk or on drugs in terms of your ability to navigate your vehicle safely, which is why there are so many rest stops on the road, and why you should use them regularly if you’re on a long journey. Sure, you might not get where you’re going quite as fast, but at least you will get there in one piece!

Provoke Other Drivers

You don’t hear as much about road rage as you did back in the 90s when it really became a ‘thing,’ but there are still plenty of incidents of it to be found in the pages of local papers across the country. Just take a look at to see how bad the situation still is and think twice before you flip off that trucker or get into a shouting match with the guy who cut you off. It really isn’t worth it!


I think it’s fair to say that everyone who drives has speeded at least once in their life, but since it is the second biggest cause of road accident fatalities, after drunk driving, it really isn’t big or clever, and if you’re found to have been speeding when you caused an accident, then losing your license might be the least of your worries. Don’t do it!

Look at Distractions

Looking at your cell phone for a second or eating lunch as you drive to your destination might seem like no big deal, but taking your eyes off the road even for a millisecond can be enough to get yourself into trouble. So, leave the distractions until you have your own driverless vehicle to ferry you around!

If you don’t do any of these things behind the wheel, your car will be safer, and more importantly, so will you!.

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