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Are you in the market for a new car? If that’s the case, you might be thinking about picking up an SUV. SUVs are great vehicles for a variety of reasons. First, they are often very reliable and because they are so big and bulky, they don’t have as many issues with breakdowns. Second, an SUV is going to give you a lot of weight to throw around on the road. This can be useful if you’re tired of being pushed all over the place in traffic and thought less of because you’re cruising around in a small vehicle. That said, if you are purchasing an SUV, you need to make sure that you’re buying a great model. Otherwise, you can end up with a complete dud that will break down and won’t give you the typical benefits of this type of machine. So, let’s look at some of the best SUVs on the market right now, and we’ll start at the high end of the scale.

Tesla Model X


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Zooming around the corner first is the car that is large, in charge and ultra futuristic. Arguably the best thing about this car is that it’s a classic hybrid and that means if you have a charging point, you’ll be able to take advantage of the fact that this beauty runs silently, even with it’s massive size. Sometimes when you have a hybrid the extra junk in the trunk means that there is very little space for actual passengers. Well, this isn’t the case with the Tesla Model X. Indeed, this SUV has plenty of room with enough space for seven passengers and their luggage! That’s not too shabby for an SUV that also rivals a Bentley when it comes to power.

The Tesla Model X looks great too. It’s style is very reminiscent of a Range Rover Sport, and you won’t be embarrassed to be seen driving around in this one. If anything this car sends a clear message. You’re ahead of the curve, and you’re not afraid to draw attention to that. But what is the downside of buying this vehicle? Well, for an SUV it’s certainly not the budget option. You could be looking at a price tag beyond 80K. Now, you do get a lot for your money. But it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth that hefty figure because there are certainly more budget friendly options.

Subaru Outback


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If we’re looking at a budget friendly option that’s still rather cool look no further than the Subaru. Subarus are actually about to burst back into style thanks to the use of the car in the smash hit Baby Driver. Although, even without the help of pop culture that Outback is an impressive vehicle. Even the style seems to generate a sporty appeal, and like the Tesla, it doesn’t let you down with space. There’s plenty of room in the trunk for all your items whether you’re heading out on a family trip or getting the weekly shop. While the Tesla Model X might be ahead of it’s time with technology the Outback is quite well equipped itself. In fact, the biggest benefit is that all the tech that you want from a Sat Nav system to rear rear view cameras are built in. So, you don’t have to worry about the price increasing due to expensive little add-ons.

And what is that price? Well, you can pick one up for under 30K, and that is an absolute steal for a full powered SUV. If you buy from an Eblen Subaru car dealer, you can buy for a little cheaper than that. You can certainly have fun with this one on the road or off the road too, and that’s perhaps one of the advantages it has over the Tesla. Despite its appearance, the Tesla is more of a city car. The Outback will handle both and can be great fun if you’re interested in driving it off the beaten track. But, it’s not the only budget option available.

Skoda Kodiak


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Skoda’s offering will be another great choice if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your new SUV. You can pick one of these up for just over 20K, but what are you getting for such a cheap price? Well, you’ll still be able to fill seven seats quite comfortably, and on top of that, you have a lot of room in the trunk. Though, not quite as much as some of the other possibilities on this list. How about handling? It’s pretty good although you can definitely feel the weight of this car fighting with you on some of the sharper turns on the road. But, it’s strong, rambunctious engine make this car perfect for towing which is great if you’re looking to take a caravan trip with the family. As far as tech goes, you can get quite a lot, but they do come as add-ons. That said, even without the all inclusive tech the interior of the vehicle is still impressive and rather beautiful. Skoda have clearly aimed for a luxury budget feel, and in many ways, they have succeeded.

This car is another great option for people who you might be on a tight budget. Then again, if you have more money to spend…

Land Rover Discovery Sport


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Impressive, sleek, cool, powerful and dare we say a tad sexy you can get a lot if you’re willing to spend a little under what you’ll have to pay to get your hands on the Tesla. Land Rover’s answer to the luxury SUV starts at 60K, but this is kind of the iPhone of the SUVs. It’s the ultimate one you can get, even though Tesla might be more efficient, there’s nothing better than saying you own a Land Rover if you purchase an SUV. And the ‘sport’ in the title of this particular model just adds to the appeal. The bottom line is that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you buy this car with only the best materials used inside and out. As for the drive, it’s absolutely fantastic although some people do find it a little stiff at slower speeds.

So, which of these cars is going to be the right choice for you? Will you step into the future with the Tesla, save money and get a great ride with the Subaru or live in luxury in the Land Rover?


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