Tired of Tyre Wear?

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Burning through multiple pairs of tyres can soon burn a hole in your pocket. Those that live in rural locations or take part in sports driving are most likely to rip through the rubber fast. You can save money by taking action to make your tyres last longer. Here are just a few strategies worth trying to get more life out of your tyres.

Suit your tyres to the driving conditions

You can limit wear and tear by matching your tyres to the terrain and weather. For snowy and icy roads, winter tyres won’t just give you more grip but will be more resistant against the cold weather. Off-road tyres meanwhile are much better suited for country dirt track roads and fields (recommended if you’re a farmer or live rurally). Remember to only use these tyres for their purpose. Winter tyres

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Pimping Your Ride With Summer In Mind

Summer can be a challenging time as a driver. Cars are made from the perfect materials to soak up as much sun as possible. And, this usually results in something more like a sauna than a car. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of the sun and sometimes you won’t be able to find shade. So, this issue will persist for the duration of the warmer months. During this time of the year, a lot of people also feel compelled to show off their car. But, if it’s not summer ready; you won’t find many people looking your way as you drive through the busy streets. To help you solve both of these issues, this post will be going through some of the easiest ways to improve your car for summer. So, now, you just have to get out there and start working.

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Repairing Your Vehicle On A Budget

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Car repairs aren’t cheap, but there are ways to cut costs if you’re on a tight budget. If your vehicle needs fixing up, here are just a few ways that you can spend less.

Can you make an insurance claim?

Vehicle insurance won’t cover you for all repairs, but if you’ve been in an accident or had your car vandalised, you may be able to get some of the mechanic work paid for. Some insurance companies won’t pay out unless you notify them within 48 hours of the damage, so make it a priority of telling them (you don’t have to make a claim straight away). Making a claim could push up your insurance rates in the future, so bear this in mind. You may be able to save money by not claiming full cover for the repairs and agreeing only to pay parts of the repair costs...

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TLC Checklist for Older Cars

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They have been our loyal chariot for so many years. They have happily escorted us from one place to another to another, on a daily basis and they have expertly navigated us around new towns, cities and even from time to time, new and unfamiliar countries. They have been there for most of the major moments in our lives so it’s really little wonder that we get so sentimentally attached to our cars, and can desperately want to save them when they start to tell us that they’ve had enough.

Replacing tired, old cars is not always necessary however and occasionally all that is required is a little elbow grease, and just giving our cars a little TLC to bring them back to their former glory...

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How To Protect Your Car From The Summer Weather

Your car isn’t just an intricately designed chunk of metal, plastic, and rubber to get you from A to B; it’s an investment that makes your life easier gives you the freedom to roam as you please. As much as we all love the warmer season of the year, the effect the sun can slowly but surely have on your vehicle may surprise and shock you. If you don’t take the proper precautions, your engine, tyres, cooling system and interior can wither away and start to malfunction. Just like our skin needs protection, your car does too, and on days where the temperatures reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, you can’t expect your car to behave normally. While the damage and erosion of quality may not be immediately apparent, over time serious problems can occur that will last beyond the summer months...

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Saving Money While Protecting Your Investment

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While a lot of people love their cars and look at them as more than just machines with a purely utilitarian purpose, the fact remains that your car is an investment. Just as if you had stocks in a company, you should be conscious of everything that you can do to protect that investment. There are some things that are simply unavoidable, such as the fact that as soon as you drive your new car of the lot, it will lose 11% of its value. After just one year, it will have lost 25% of its value. It only gets worse, as after three years, that figure rises to 46%, and then 63% after five years. Unless you have lots of money that you are happy to spend on a new car every few years, when deciding on which model to get you should think about whether it will still be useful in a decade...

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Simple Ways to Save Money on Safeguarding Your Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is a big investment. It might not be as expensive as a new house or raising a child, but it’s expensive nonetheless and can take a considerable chunk of money out of your budget in order to keep running. Be it fuel costs, maintenance fees or even repair money, we have to constantly invest money into our vehicles to keep them doing what they do best: ferrying us from point A to B.

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Can You Really Love A Used Car Like A New One?

If you’re one of the many owners who truly loves their ride and treats it like a loved one, then buying used might not normally be your first option. It might be your way of getting a car that might ordinarily be out of your budget, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s yours. But you can get that connection you so crave by making the extra effort to welcome it into the family and to make it yours and yours alone.


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Give it some care

The first step is making it feel like new. Breathing new life into an old car isn’t as hard as you might imagine. For instance, fitting a cold air intake can help you immediately give your engine output a bit of a kick. There’s a good chance that the brakes and suspension systems of the car have seen better days as well...

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Don’t Let Summer be a Bummer – Prepare Your Car!


The blazing heat of summer is often seen as the perfect time to hit the road. But your car may not be as prepared for the temperature increase as you might think. Because winter is so famously unpleasant, bringing rain and snow that present really obvious risks to drivers, we’re usually exceedingly grateful to see the back of it. But this tends to blind us to the fact that summer brings its own problems!

Don’t just assume that just because your car made it through the winter that it can definitely make it through the winter. It’s not just about the brute toughness of your car; the problems you can experience with excessive heat are very different to the ones you may encounter when the temperature is low...

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Finding the Subaru to Suit You

Subarus come in all shapes, sizes and models; and they all come built for different purposes. Some are designed to be farming workhorses. Some, mainly the cool SUVs, are designed for their aesthetics. There are also middling saloon cars that are produced. And even rally cars are on the production line. So, when you say you want your next car to be a Subaru, you’re going to need to be a little bit more specific. Fortunately, information can be found below that helps to differentiate between the ‘fun’ Subaru models, and the ‘hard working’ ones.

Hard Working Subarus

If you live and work in an area where the terrain can get tough in adverse weather conditions, then a ‘hard working’ Subaru may just be for you...

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