Is The Trucker Life For You?


Choosing the right kind of car is always going to feel like a big job. And it is. There’s always going to be a lot of pressure on you to get it right. Sometimes, you can think you know exactly what car you want to get, but in reality, it can be much harder than that. Because sometimes, you don’t even want to choose a car at all. Maybe what you want is a truck instead. But when you’re thinking about getting a truck, you’re going to want to really consider everything to do with it in order to be sure. From the vehicle upkeep to the right kind of insurances, you’re going to want to be absolutely certain that a truck is right for you.

What Do You Use Your Vehicle For?

First of all, you’re going to want to consider the things you actually use your vehicle for...

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Ownership Or Rental: How Do You Decide?


Cars are always going to be one of the biggest purchases that you ever make. Alongside a home and any other fancy gadgets that you’ve fallen in love with, when you’re desperate to get your hands on your dream car, you’ll always consider the different ways that you can do that. For most of us, there are always going to be only two options – you could buy it, or rent it. While there are different ways that you could go about making either option happen, before you consider those, you have to work out which will be best for you. So if you’re not really sure whether you should look to own a car or rent one, these points should definitely help you to make that decision.

Consider Your Budget

Up first, there’s always going to be your budget...

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Your Dream Car Is Just Out Of Reach: Or Is It?

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Everyone has that dream purchase that they’d just love to be able to make. For some people, it’s a home, for others, it’s some item of jewellery. But for many people, there’s nothing more likely to get them excited than the idea of being able to buy their dream car. Of course, for many people, it can feel as though the very idea of being able to buy their dream car is pretty much impossible. There’s no way that could ever afford it, right? Well, maybe there is. Sure, there’s no doubt that your dream car is likely to be a pretty significant purchase, but there are things that you can do to bring the costs down, as long as you’re smart and careful in how you go about it.

Try different purchasing options

The idea of dropping a large amount of money on a car all at once is a prett...

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Ultimate Vehicle Upkeep: From Wheels To Wipers

Your car is your pride and joy. It gets you everywhere you want to go; from work to social gatherings. So why don’t you look after it more? You give your house a deep clean every so let’s consider giving your car the same royal treatment. Without the correct care and attention your car may well give up on you one day. Keep up with these easy to follow maintenance instructions and you’re car’s lifespan will go on longer that you’d ever imagined.

Get Real With Your Wheels

You need to check your tire pressure every month to guarantee asmooth ride. If your tire pressure is wrong it can lead to a whole host of problems, from poor breaking to flat tires. Use a reputable gauge to check your tire pressure and rotate them every seventy thousand miles or so...

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You’ve Bought A Used Car, So What Next?

Source: A little TLC can make your used car purchase feel brand new.

Whether you’re a first-time driver or just wanted to treat yourself to a better vehicle, buying a car is an immensely exciting time.

With so many different ways to buy vehicles, more and more people are turning to the used marketplace each year. Purchasing the motor is one thing, but this is only one of several steps required to make the most of your time behind the wheel. Here’s everything else you need to know.

Take Care Of The Paperwork

As with any vehicle purchase, you must ensure that insurances, taxes and other legal requirements have been handled. With used cars, though, you must also ensure that it has been legally transferred from the old user to you. In truth, this is as important for them as it is for you...

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Staying Safe In The Snow


Dreaming of a white Christmas? Many of us are, although it is the days that come before and after Christmas in which the snow may not be as warmly received by many of us. Snow is beautiful, but it is also very dangerous and can cause a huge headache for drivers all over the northern hemisphere at Christmas. However, there are some ways you can make your car journeys a little more manageable and much safer for you and your family this winter.


If you are going on a long trip, make sure that you plan the trip thoroughly beforehand. The reason for this is that you can find a route which is less busy, is safer for you to drive, and which is less likely to take you down country lanes.

Allow time

You will need to allow much more time for your journey than if you were to simply drive i...

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Great Ways To Save Money Running Your Car

A car is one of the most expensive purchases that you ever make in your lifetime. In fact, other than a house and a boat, it is the most expensive purchase. But, regardless of how expensive it is to buy, it can be even more expensive to run. A well-kept car can last decades, but during this time you have to pay for fuel, repairs, parts, insurance, and so much more, and these expenses all add up pretty quickly. In fact, the expense is so much that people often avoid buying a car, because they know that they won’t be able to pay for it each month. If you’re one of these people, or simply want to know how to save some money running your car, then follow the advice below.

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Multitasking On The Road: It’s Just Not Safe

When you have qualified to drive legally, you get excited. That feeling that you want to get behind the wheel of your brand-new car and get going is one that is hard to tame, but tame it you must. Being a good driver isn’t just about getting the car of your dreams and passing your driving test. You need to be aware of other people and how to communicate with them while you are driving.

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Careers Every Car Lover Should Consider

Careers Every Car Lover Should Consider

If you can get paid to fulfil your passion, then you are clearly one of the luckiest people in the world. For those who love cars, working with them could provide them with just that opportunity. So, we’re going to take a look at some of the most lucrative and common careers involving cars, and whether or not they might be right for you.

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The Many Ways You Could Lose Money As A Driver

Driving is expensive, right? This is something that we are all very aware of. First of all, you need to buy a car before you can get started. That is going to set you back by a considerable amount. But buying a car isn’t the end of your expense, of course. You then need to spend money on car insurance, road tax, and regular gas refills. Over time, this can add up to a staggering about, so there is no wonder that drivers are keen to save some cash however possible.

But even if you are a frugal driver, there are still some ways you might be losing some cash without realizing it. Curious to know if this is you? Here are some ways that many drivers are ending up out of pocket.

Not Shopping Around For Insurance

I’ve already mentioned that you will have to pay quite a bit for your c...

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