Poor College Students- Here’s How You Can Get Out On The Roads!

College or university can equate to some of the best years of your life. You’re still young so don’t have all of the full responsibilities of adult life weighing on you yet, but you’re old enough to have some independence. And there’s one quick way to gain more of this independence, and that’s by driving! It’s a fantastic feeling not having to rely on anyone else to take you to where you need to be, you don’t have to mess around on public transport, and you can easily socialize and get to see your friends far more easily. But as a broke student, you might be wondering ‘can I really afford a car?’ If you have a part time job or you’re lucky enough to have some help from parents, it may well be a possibility. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to getting out on the road.



Buying a Vehicle

First things first, you will need to find a car to drive. Since a new car is going to be off the agenda for broke college students, browsing used cars for a good second-hand model will be your best bet. If you choose something small it will be easy to drive and most importantly, be economical to run. Since fuel can be a big cost, something that does as many miles to the gallon as possible is important. As a young person, image is always going to be important to you, but don’t choose your car solely based on looks. If you want to get something slightly newer or more expensive (or just don’t have enough to buy outright), then financing could be an option. This allows you to spread the cost of the car over a set period enabling you to make monthly payments. If this isn’t an option for you, you could ask for a loan from parents and pay them back in the same way.

Share a Family Member’s Car

If one of your parents has a car and is happy for you to drive it, this could be an affordable option for poor college students. If your parent mainly uses the car in the day and you mostly use it in the evening anyway (or the other way around), it could work perfectly. It gives you a chance to gain experience and be able to drive and get from A to B without having to invest in a whole other vehicle. That way, all you will need to pay is fuel and insurance so could work out much cheaper. In the meantime, you could be saving for your own car.


Speaking of insurance, this is something important to plan for when you’re thinking about getting on the roads. If you’re being added to your parent’s policy, this can be cheaper than buying your own, or if you’re buying your own car you can put them down as a ‘named driver.’ If it’s your own car, as long as you state that you’re the main driver it’s perfectly legal to do this and can save you money. Insurance is based on many factors, the fact that you’re a young driver is always going to mean higher costs. But it can vary massively even on similar cars, before purchasing run lots of quotes for different models through price comparison sites.


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