The 2017 Honda Civic: A Safe Haven For Any Road User

Honda has a good track record for producing high-quality cars. For years, they’ve been pumping out cars rivaling even their German competitors. And, this year, it hasn’t changed. One of the primary focal points of Honda’s design is safety. A lot of their cars are designed for families. And, as such, are packed to the teeth with an array of safety gear to make driving a much less stressful experience. But, there’s not much point in just talking about their emphasis on safety; where’s the proof? Well, a lot of it can be seen in the 2017 Honda Civic; in all of it’s forms. Let’s take a look!

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To start, a lot of people will want to know how much the car costs. New, this car could set you back up to $28,000. Of course, that can be expected from a premium family car. Where you can save real money on these cars is with maintenance. Being built to last; your Civic will usually come with a warranty to cover faults and have them handled by a Honda mechanic. The car itself is designed to fit on the road largely unnoticed. It’s design isn’t anything special; but, it’s not ugly, either. Some will like the design of the new Type-R, with loads of sporty features. But, that won’t be around until later in the year.

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A lot of unsafe driving is caused by people’s moods. Being angry while driving is never safe. But, of course, your car can’t control your temper; or, can it? Having a car with simple, easy controls and loads of assistive technology makes driving a lot less stressful. And, the safety features of the Civic don’t stop there. With 5* star ratings from most organisations; it’s easy to see that Honda have been thinking hard about the safety of their cars. The Civic boasts airbags in every corner of the car, full-abs, assisted braking, disk brakes, and loads more. A lot of the models even feature night-vision for those that drive on roads with no lighting a lot of the time.

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You can’t always control the danger on the road. It’s still important to have a safe car, though.  Even if you decide to choose something other than the Civic; you should know how safe it is. When you first buy a car, you should make sure that it has a good rating with an organisation like NCAP. NCAP tests and reviews most modern cars coming to market. It gives them scores based on their safety and reliability. And, can give you a good idea of how much your car protects you. Along with this, you should also look at the safety equipment in your car. Rear-view cameras can solve a lot of issues. And, so can brighter lights.

There are loads of issues a car can run into. And, there are loads of problems on the road, in general. It’s hard to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to make a difference in this area. But, it’s worth at least trying; even if it just saves you a little money.

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