Driving Mistakes

The Driving Mistakes You Could Be Making That Ruin Your Car

Wear and tear on a car is to be expected, even if you only use it every so often. However, when you make mistakes while driving your car, you could be causing more wear and tear than you realize. In fact, these mistakes could be ruining your car. If you’re doing the things outlined here, you’ll be spending more money to fix up your car, taking it in for repairs more often, and end up needing to replace it much sooner.

Read to learn what you could be doing to ruin your car? Read on…

Driving With Low Gas

Driving around with very little gas is something we’ve all likely been guilty of. This doesn’t just mean driving with an empty tank, but driving with your tank less than a quarter full. This can speed up the need for a fuel pump replacement, which will be expensive. Putting a little extra in the tank will be less painful than having to get a new fuel pump.

Suddenly Changing Gears

Many people are guilty of putting it in reverse and then moving straight to forward without a second thought. However, you should come to a complete stop before changing gears, or you run the risk of doing damage to your drivetrain. This takes a second and will save you from engine, transmission, and axle damage in the near future.
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Going Full Throttle Unnecessarily

The thing with going super fast is that you’ll usually have to hit the brakes to slow down. Hard acceleration is burning your fuel up, and then quick braking will wear out your brake pads and rotors. It’s understandable if you’ve just purchased a new Vauxhall Corsa to want to go for a spin feeling like Lewis Hamilton, but you want to make sure you’re not spending more than you need to on repairs.

Riding The Clutch

So, your car has come to some kind of stop. Let’s say traffic lights. Most drivers keep the clutch pushed in so that they can inch forward or quickly drive off when the light changes. However, this can cause surfaces to scrape against each other with will eventually wear them out. You even run the risk of failure. It also can cause damage to the release bearing, release arm, and pressure plate. Put the car in neutral and put the handbrake on instead. It only takes a few more seconds.

Having Too Much Weight In The Car

The more a car weighs, the more stress is on the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes. It also consumes more fuel. Keeping your car as light as possible will help you, so make sure you’re not keeping anything you don’t need in the car. Clear out your car regularly. You might only get an extra mile or two on your gas by doing this, but over time, it will help you to maintain your car.

Don’t make these driving mistakes if you want to avoid replacing your car parts and buying new cars too often!

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