The New Mazda MX-5 Looks Great, Handles Better

When the original Mazda MX-5 first released all those years ago, it heralded a new era for car lovers. No longer did they have to shell out a fortune to buy an open top convertible. Instead, it was something that even people on average incomes could enjoy. The original car was well-received and became one of Mazda’s best-selling cars in Europe and the US.

Mazda, however, decided that it was going to up its game in 2015 and it came out with the new MX-5, an updated version of the third generation with better looks and a better engine. Not only that, but Maza had managed to keep the price down and appeal to a wider audience than the previous car. You still can’t go so far as to call the car “practical,” but with a few additions, it certainly is something that you could drive to work every day.

Ask any car accident injury lawyer, and they’ll tell you that roadsters aren’t usually the safest of cars. But the new MX-5 excels in this department. Perhaps the standout safety feature of the car is the fact that the bonnet will pop upwards and outwards in the event of an impact with a pedestrian. Mazda hopes that this will help to cushion their fall and make any impact a lot less dangerous.

Wikimedia Commons

Mazda has also been taking cues from their European rivals, and so the new MX-5 comes equipped with traction control and stability aids – something which is very important given that many people driving the car will be inexperienced sports car drivers.

Another improvement that Mazda have made is reduce the weight. The third-generation roadster was more than 100kg heavier than the current car, making it a little hairy in the corners. Mazda realized this, and so they’ve saved a lot of weight through a better choice of materials and engine parts. This also improves the efficiency of the car, which is helpful when you want a car you can use every day.

The Mazda comes in two engine varieties which help to keep the decision-making process simple: a 1.5-liter petrol engine for those who want the best efficiency and a 2.0-liter engine for people who want more performance. Although 2.0 liters might sound small for a sports car, it’s worth pointing out that the Mazda is a very light car, meaning that the performance is good even with a small engine. The 2.0-liter model also has some upgrades versus the 1.5 liters to the suspension, meaning that this version of the car has a slightly more racing feel to it.

What Mazda has done here is simply remarkable. If you wanted a two-seater roadster in the past, you usually had to go to a British manufacturer. MG dominated the market for years, selling thousands of models. Somehow, Mazda has managed to capture the imagination of Europeans, get them to abandon their old favorites, and choose its cars instead. The company fought an uphill battle and won.

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