Tips for Buying a Used Car That Needs Work

New cars are great, used cars can also be great, but a used car that needs work? That’s a different kettle of fish, and there’s every chance that you’ll get more than you bargained for if you jump into the purchase without first understanding exactly how much work the car needs to be road legal. Still, if you know your way around a car and spot a great deal, a used car that requires work can offer a stellar deal that can be more than worth it. In the end, you might find yourself with a great car and also get immense satisfaction from getting it on the road.




First, you’ll need to determine why exactly you might want to buy this vehicle. Are you getting it purely because you need a car, it’s all you can afford, and you’re willing to take a chance that you can get it running? Or is this purely a passion project that allows you to work hard on a vehicle, learn more about cars, and then maybe take it on the road? Figuring out your motivation will enable you to find the right car for you.

Getting it Home Safely

If the car isn’t running, then you don’t have much choice: you’ll have to get it to your home another way. Even if the car is running, it might not be road legal, or it might be awkward to drive. In these cases, a service like Shiply can ensure that your car is delivered to you without any issues. You don’t want to try driving a car that might have serious issues, as this can jeopardize the condition of the car and also put you in danger.

Assessing the Damage

Though you’ll hopefully have a pretty clear idea about what the issues with the car are before you buy it, it’ll only be once it’s in your possession that you’ll be able to really get under the hood and take a look at the work that needs doing. Even if you’re pretty confident that you know your way around vehicles, it’s always worth getting the second opinion of a professional mechanic as they might spot something you’ve missed, or at least give you some advice about how best to repair the car.


Getting to Work

You should enjoy the process of fixing the car. If you don’t, then why bother? Make it a project that you work on at your own pace; there’s need to rush these types of things. Clear out space where you can work freely and get stuck in. Slowly but surely, the repairs that need to be taken care of will be fixed.

Before Hitting The Streets

You’ll be pretty excited once your car is beginning to take shape but remember – even if the car has improved dramatically, it might not yet be fit for the road. Make sure it’s completely road legal, and all the vital areas have been taken care of before you take it out for a spin. And then: enjoy the ride!


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