Trading Up – Your Journey From Old To New In 5 Revs

You’ve been together for so long. Just the thought of trading her in for a younger model tugs at the heartstrings and brings a tear to your eye. But let’s face it – these new models look absolutely gorgeous. They’re safer to drive, fresh off the lot, and ready to go. It’s time to trade up, which means you need to let go of your old car. Here’s how to say goodbye in 5 easy steps:

Find Your Replacement

If letting go of your old car is proving tough to do, you need to make sure you’re satisfied the new one outperforms what you have in every department. Look for better fuel economy and better performance in safety tests. What gadgets and gizmos are you getting? What are the most important standard features you have to have? Check out the bhp. Always test drive the cars you are most interested in. This is often the ultimate decider.

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Choose A Dealer

Chances are the dealer you’re with for the test drive will be the one you stick with through this process. However, it’s still worth shopping around. You might be able to haggle a lower price or find a dealership that will offer a few add-ons to secure your sale. If you’re thinking of part exchanging your current vehicle, be sure to ask what the final sale price of that will be. If you’re looking for finance, always select the lowest APR, or check what your final total purchase price will be.

Get A Better Price

You don’t have to sell your car in a part exchange deal. These are rarely as profitable as selling your car privately. There are three other options. You could give or sell your car to a family member or friend as a favor. You’re not likely to see a lot of cash here, but that may not be the point. At least you’ll know where your beloved auto goes! The second is to place a classifieds ad and hope you can attract a price privately. This can be problematic because you’ll have strangers coming to your home and driving your car without full insurance coverage. Your third option is to find businesses that buy cars quickly and easily when you need the cash. This gives you the flexibility to sell when you’re ready.

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Pick A Delivery Date

If you’re buying a brand new vehicle, there is often a delay between you agreeing to the purchase and taking delivery of the car. You might need to register the car, arrange insurance. Or you might need to wait for the dealer to receive the vehicle from the plant. You may have some say in the delivery date. Usually, a dealer prepares the vehicle, so it’s ready to drive away, but there may be limitations in your cover. In some places, you must have all your paperwork in place before you’re allowed to drive away.

Love Your New Ride

One of the first things you might do is take your new wheels for a spin. Unless you have agreed on it at sale, you’re not likely to have enough fuel in the tank to do much. First stop, the garage. Next stop, the road.

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