What Is He Doing?!” Dissecting The Blame Culture In Driving


It is a common part of the standard driver’s makeup; we are all guilty of it. If we ever run into an issue on the road, we naturally tend to blame the other person. It is usually some idiot on the road, or someone that is on their phone, or somebody driving with sheer disregard for the safety of anybody else. But when taking into account our own driving skills and experience, is it, in fact, much easier to blame others than it is to admit that we are at fault when we’re on the road? It is a big question to ask, but remember when you were younger and you found it easier to pass blame than own up to your mistakes? A lot of people have the tendency to blame others on the road for something that wasn’t even the other person’s fault. So how can we begin to rectify this? And how can we learn to admit to our own driving faults, so we can all drive with a bit more due care and attention on the road?

Why Do We Play The Blame Game?

While it is, in some ways, a very simple answer, the fact is that it is easier to blame others, is it just the fact that we are becoming more self-absorbed and lazy in our driving habits the more time we spend on the road? The issues we all have are generally due to our understanding of the roads. We have a tendency to not pay as much attention to roads that we know inside and out. So when we are driving to a new place, we have a lot more focus on the road because of the road markings and we don’t know the other drivers. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t know the habits of any drivers on the roads, only our own. So if we are tending to blame others for driving poorly, we are all guilty of this habit. Playing the blame game is a simple solution, so we don’t have to admit our own misgivings. But if you’ve ever been pulled over by the police, and they’ve asked you why you were speeding, have you come up with some terrible excuse, or have you admitted it outright? Unfortunately, it takes an incident like this to make us really think about our driving habits. But it is much better for the police to pull you over than for you to cause an accident.

We Can’t Control Other Drivers

It appears now that we are always risking our lives every time we go out on the road, this is very much on the increase with the amount of cars there are now. But there is nothing we can do without the other people on the road; the best thing we can do is to remain vigilant at not get lazy in our driving habits. If we are ever caught up in an accident and have to go down the route of a car accident settlement, it is going to be much better for our own piece of mind if we did everything we could to minimize our chances of an accident. A lot of people make silly mistakes on the road, such as running through red lights, or even texting while driving. And we’ve all been guilty of being inattentive while on the road. We need to think about our own driving habits. And whether we’ve been guilty of our attention slipping for a split second, if you realize you have lost your focus for that small amount of time, you can do something to rectify this. At least you know that you need to work harder at focusing on the road and think about what it is exactly you are doing wrong. You may have had close calls before, and for those that have had a near miss, it is usually enough for them to reassess their driving habits, but only in the short term. And this is why we need to spend time on our own driving habits, rather than thinking about everybody else’s.

What Is The Solution?

A lot of countries are making driving laws a lot more stringent now, and they appear to have had a positive effect generally, in 2010 the number of traffic deaths reduced dramatically, but they do appear to be flip-flopping right now, but the solution may be imposing more penalties. There are increases in speed cameras, speed traps, as well as tougher penalties, and so a lot of people are driving in the fear that they may get a ticket, as a result, everybody is driving safer and the potential for fatalities will be reduced dramatically. And, of course, there are penalties for those that use their mobile phone while driving, so are there too many distractions in our own cars? We have sound systems and hands free functions, so we can use our phone while driving, and a whole host of gadgets in newer model cars, so is this having a detrimental impact on younger drivers? And going straight into these newer model cars with all the bells and whistles as soon as they pass their test, and so their attention is torn in many different directions? But not just the younger drivers, older drivers now are not used to the over saturation on the roads. Many older drivers are speaking of how it isn’t a pleasure to drive anymore. Everybody is doing the same thing, they need to get from A to B in a hurry, so they inevitably end up speeding or causing accidents for their own selfish purposes. Unfortunately, it is a hallmark of how we live now. And so as time goes on, and more cars end up on the road, we are naturally going to start blaming other people for problems on the road.

The blame culture in driving is on the increase, and it is only going to get worse in the meantime. But while the relevant authorities are making the best efforts to minimize road deaths by imposing tougher sanctions, the one thing to take away is that we all shouldn’t consistently blame other things for our own fault. We easily blame the roads, or we blame other drivers. We have no control over these aspects, so we need to start addressing our own driving skills, which surprisingly, so few of us do.

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