You Can Ride Right Over These Motorcycle Misbeliefs

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There are a lot of misconceptions about motorcycle riding that really do need to be cleared up. At the least, they’re hurtful, and at the worst, they could be harmful. If you have misconceptions about motorcycles, you might make crucial mistakes that could hurt you or another driver. A great example of this is the laws of the road. You might think you know the rules of the road like the back of your hand. And you just might about cars, but what about motorcycles? The rules for motorcyclists are somewhat different.

For instance, did you know that a motorcycle is legally allowed to overtake in stationary traffic? So, when you look back and think they’re being annoying whizzing through the cars, just remember, they are perfectly within their right. A lot of drivers are unaware of this, intentionally closing gaps, thinking they’re doing their part to keep people in line. What they’re actually doing is risking a possible accident if a motorcycle crashes into the car. This is just one of the examples of misconceptions about motorcycles. Here are a few others.

Motorcycle Helmets Break Necks

You might know a motorcycle rider who buys into this old myth, but that’s exactly what it is. When you get down to the logic of this belief, it does make a lot of sense. Motorcycle helmets are heavy, putting more pressure on the neck. Thus people assume that if you crash the weight of the helmet can do more harm than good. However, it’s just not backed up by research. In fact, those who crashed wearing a helmet were a lot less likely to suffer from neck injuries. That’s why by law you should be wearing one when you ride your bike.

Another similar idea is that helmets won’t do much good in typical crashes. That’s not true either, and since most motorcycle crashes actually happen at low speeds, they can be very useful. In fact, a motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that many of their clients suffered fewer injuries because they were wearing a helmet. If you’re still wondering whether wearing one is a good idea just remember without a helmet, bike rides can suffer terrible injuries. And they don’t have a fuel engine on their vehicle.

Sports Tyres Are Cool

This one isn’t related to safety, but it is quite funny. Sports tyres for bikes are designed for the track. As such, they only have an impact at super high speeds that you are never going to reach on the roads. So, rides who invest in sports tyres for the roads are really just wasting their money. You may get bragging rights, but you won’t see any actual, practical benefit.

Darn Those Bikers!

You might hear a motorist shout this as he sees a bike whizzing past a camera without bothering to brake. However, that driver can take solace in one fact. Despite what some bikers might believe you can’t ride fast enough on a bike to avoid being caught by a speed camera. We’re sorry to say that any riders who try this will receive tickets.

Hopefully, this article has helped clear up some interesting misconceptions for motorcycle riders and other road users.

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