Your Responsibilities As A Driver

It can be rather exciting getting your hands on the keys of your first car. Or just the same feeling you feel when you have saved or managed to buy the car of your dreams. However, along with car ownership and all the costs involved with that, you also have some responsibilities as a driver. Sure, you know you are responsible for the car itself. But what about the other factors involved with driving. Here are some of your other key responsibilities as a driver.

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Not to flee the scene of an accident

One big, perhaps not so obvious thing to never do is to flee the scene of an accident. It may have taken you by surprise to hit another car, a motorbike or a cyclist, but in all circumstances whether it isn’t or is your fault, you must stop and be present at the scene to speak with law enforcement, medical staff or to at least swap details with other parties and witnesses involved. However, on the flip side, if you are the person not at fault, and you find yourself in an accident where someone hasn’t stopped, you still have rights to obtain loss for the accident and even any injuries you wanted. This is when companies like Blumenshine Law Group could really help you out. Accidents are never pleasant to be part of, whether you were at fault or not, but don’t make things harder on yourself. Remain at the scene to ensure that the duty of care has been followed.

To ensure your car is roadworthy

It is your responsibility only to ensure that your car is legally roadworthy. That means you have sufficient fuel in the car for it to run, that your oil and water levels are topped up, and, most importantly, that you have the legal tyre tread depth on the tyres. So many people can be stopped innocently and face prosecution for things like that, even when bulbs are out in indicators and brake lights as it puts other drivers at risk. So make sure you regularly check your car to ensure it is legally roadworthy. One other thing to mention is that roadworthy cars don’t always necessarily mean the car itself, but that it is insured.

Making sure you adhere to road regulations

It is your responsibility also to ensure that you drive on the road as safely as possible, which means adhering to road regulations such as speed limits, pedestrian crossings and traffic light systems. These things have been put in place for a reason to ensure the safety of you as a driver, pedestrians and passengers you have in the car.

Passengers lives are in your hands

On the subject of passengers, it is important to remember that when a passenger gets into your car and you are behind the wheel, that technically their life is now in your hands. The safety of your driving is paramount to ensure that you do not put those people at risk.

I hope that this has reminded you of some of the basic responsibilities we can often forget, not just as a new driver but someone who has been out on the road for some time.

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